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I personally wasn't sold to go see Tomorrowland by the trailers. Out of the choices this weekend, it seemed the best and I was a bit curious since it's a giant commercial for Disneyland and Disneyworld.

During the first quarter of the film, I found myself choking back tears at the nostalgic feelings churned up from the New York World's Fair scenes and from knowing that played a big part in Walt Disney debuting classic attractions. I did go into imagination mode, thinking of the fact, I was currently in Walt Disney's tomorrow, sorta! But then, I started to feel mortified that the "It's A Small World" ride was featured slightly and they actually showed the inside of it on the big screen! It seemed a bit taboo like it's suppose to be kept a magical secret for live visitors to the parks!

The movie was a great ride from the transition from the present to the future. What made it great was Athena, played by Raffey Cassidy. The big screen loves her and she is a charming little beauty. The chemistry between her and the young Frank Walker played by Thomas Robinson was really good. I didn't want the movie to move off from them. But it did. Fortunately, Athena is throughout the movie and she IS the movie. She eventually brings in a serious creep factor that took me by surprise and this movie slipped literally into the Twilight Zone. So much so, Raffey Cassidy started to remind me of the Cartwright sisters, especially actress Veronica Cartwright when she was in an episode of The Twilight Zone titled "I Sing The Body Electric" (1962). Raffey looks very reminiscent though of her younger sister Angela Cartwright (Best known for The Sound of Music and Lost in Space). Raffey Cassidy's acting performance of being a beautiful young girl who draws you into her hypnotic sweetness and then takes us for a Sci-Fi journey as the driving force of this film (and she literally drove a lot) was simply wonderful. I would go back to see this movie because of her. As for George Clooney (adult Frank Walker), Britt Robertson (Casey Newton) and Hugh Laurie (Nix), it was a fun adventure of making wrongs right but the middle of this movie got boring at times. I literally dozed off for a few minutes.

The introduction to the problems that show up was fun and actually shocking and I looked around to see if children got scared as there were some scary images even though it was only robots. The last quarter of the movie is fantastic, it picks up momentum again and Athena will really make you care about her. This movie did a great job at not revealing a whole lot in the trailers so for that reason, it was an incredibly fun surprise and I'm trying to be pretty vague which I think I succeeded in doing. I do think it could have been edited better, there were some drawn out parts that just weren't necessary. What this movie does incredibly well, is pay homage to Walt Disney's ideas for progress and animatronic people. The movie feels a bit like a ride in Walt Disney's mind. You will want to take a pin.


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