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Collins Vincent

Horror movies have a special place in the hearts of die-hard horror fans, and horror film enthusiasts alike. But these days its rare that one will catch their attention or live up to their expectations due to the increasing need for quality horror films that are genuinely scary and causes viewers to ritually sleep with the lights on every night for the rest of their lives. The upcoming sci-fi horror film Viral will be the latest entry in the "starving artist" of film genres. The film, of course, stars Analeigh Tipton as the main protagonist. This movie has flown under the radar for the majority of the year and is unlikely to make any headlines until the first trailer hits the web.

Here's the plot synopsis:

A virus that wipes out half of the population, a woman begins to record what happens while they are in quarantine and protect her sister who is infected by the disease.

The plot sounds like something you've heard before. A virus sweeps over a small town and infects half the population, leaving the unaffected inhabitants to fend for themselves against the infected. Sometimes, but usually, the main character is a young woman or scared girl who is trying to protect her family or find them during the horrific events. Aside from the usual conventions, Viral will be judged primarily on how scary and well acted it is, even though there will still be pressure on it to standout from previous films with similar ideas and conflict resolution. The box-office could be a steep climb since it is being released near more anticipated movies, but given that it's a low-budget picture, it might have some room to breath and make its money back.


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