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Ok so Age of Ultron was a very fun and exciting movie for me.It had some really good Easter Eggs and it was just full of surprise moments.Now remember this is a spoiler free review to respect people who hasent seen it yet.

Lets just say there was alot of Redemption for Hawkeye in this movie. If anything some people may argue that Hawkeye is the best part of the Movie. He had hreat lines and great scenes that were just perfect. (sidenote) Jeremy Renner was incredible.
Captain America is another Character who was alot better in this one. After Winter Soldier he should've been lol. But, he (same as Hawkeye) dident meet thier potential in the last one. But Cap was absolutley amazing in AOU, his action was great he felt like a Natural Leader and Cap Fans will not be dissapointed with him in AOU.Chris Evans still proves that he is a great Cap and I think he is just going to get better.
Iron Man was of course just awesome at what he does. But lets talk about the fact that Iron Man 3 turned him into scared little kid. Yes I understand that New York was a big deal for him but, still dont turn into a cry baby about it. Although Stark does indeed have one of the greatest scenes in the entire movie. Robert Downey continues to prove that he is Iron Man.
Thor Kinda felt like he was in and out of the movie from time to time but, he never ceases to be a power house. And Thor has a very important scene so be on the look out but, for the most part Thor was just there. Chris Hemsworth is still a very boss Thor. I just cant wait to see him in Ragnorok.
Black widow........ She was just very akward for me in this movie. I personally liked a lot more in Winter Soldier. She had some great parts of the movie but, Natasha was just kinda bland personally. She was still a pretty important part to the movie. She just couldent hold to what she was in Winter Soldier. ScarJo still did a really good job as Nat and she should keep doing a good job.
The Hulk same as Black Widow. WHAT THE HECK? He was just kinda thrown in but thats it. One scene that the Hulk has may play a part In The MCU in the future but thats it really. Honestly I was alittle dissapointed with the hulk. But, everyone has a different opinion. But ,I feel that Hulk Could've been way better. Mark Ruffalo was still a bery good Banner Despite hiw much of a let down the Hulk was.
Scarlet Witch was just so great to watch. She was visually stunning and Great. Her powers were definatley altered alittle but not much. They definatley payed homeage to the Character except for the fact that she isent Magneto's Daughter in this the Back story they created was very clever and I love it. Wanda is Favorite part AOU and I cant wait to see her in later movies.Elizabeth Olsen was my fan casting as Wanda and I absolutley loved her.
Quicksilver I gotta say I am really impressed with what they did with him in this movie. The fact that he wasent overly fast like DOFP's Quicksilver was a good thing. I really liked his personallity and how he reacted to the situations thrown at him. I loved watching Pietro. Aaron Taylor-Johnson was a very good Choice and only proved my point in the film.
The Vision........Lets just say he pulled straight out of the Comics and thrown in our faces on the big screen. Every movement and line was just great. Paul Bettany did a phenomenal job as the vision and lets just say he has a very great scene in the movie.
Last but not least ULTRON!!!!!! He was insanley powered down in the movie but he was still a big enough problem for the Avengers. James Spader definatley made Ultron a believeable villain and he did a great job as well. Although Ultron was totally a Boss I feel like there could've been more to him. I still Loved Ultron.
So there you have it a Character breakdown of the Characters. This is my first reveiw and if its bad I promise I will get better. But please dont hesitate to leave a comment below on your thoughts of the Characters.

Age of Ultron is in Theaters go see it if you havent seen it 3 times already lol.


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