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Hi I am new on this so I don't really now what I am doing yet BUT I wanted to share MY thoughts for once. So here is my introduction post about me and bad movies but first something about me.

WARNING: If you don't wanna now anything of me and get to the point. Scroll on till you see the words BAD MOVIE'S.

I am a 16 year old girl that has ADD and is Dislectic (that's why I am writing this when it's 02:30 AM AND make typos some times so forgive for that) My passion is reading books, watch movie's and TV series that's why I am starting a blog but I am not sure yet. (because I dont now how many people will read this). I live In the Netherlalnds but that doesn't make me an junkie or a hooker that's just a really big misconception. We Duchties are really open minded but not that open minded. I am just a normal teenanger. Who can be a really big nerd some times. So enough of me and get to the point.


I DON'T really get it when a movie is called bad or not. Why you ask? because only YOU can decide if a movie is bad or not.

I always look for review on websites when I am gonna watch a movie or a TV series but they aren'r always talking good about it. And that is sad because if it has a bad review not many people will watch. Like many of you, you will listen to others who has seen the movie or TV serie first because maybe there right about it, that it is bad. But that is just it! You don't have to listen te others! Just watch the movie or TV serie and decide for your self. I now because I do it! Because some times even I like the bad ones! Especially the ones that have low rating or bad reviews. Or people don't like it because it doesn't even look like the books. When it doesn't look like the books doesn't mean it's a bad movie! I look at it like it was just set in a different perspective and even then it can be a good movie. And if you still think it is a bad movie just think for a second that, that movie you just could bad was really worked hard for. All the actors and directors and people that worked for it worked there but off to make that movie happening.

So if people tell you you shouldn't watch that movie because it's bad don't listen please. Just watch it for your self and decide then.

If you want to say anything leave a comment I would like to now what your opinion is :D !

Mona toetje out.

(It's a dessert and now it's not my hooker name :D)


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