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Okay, so most kids now a days may know Puss In Boots from either the movie or the Netflix TV show (Not sure how to feel about this...). I remember the first Shrek movie coming out and having the "onion" speech memorized in a few weeks!

This franchise has been great as it takes these fairy tales and applies them to modern times, much like the fan favorite Once Upon a Time, except with more adult humor, as you will see in the following clip!

When I first watched the sequel, I thought "Alright, I can roll with this. No biggie!" And then the film buff in me started to pick it apart, one scene in particular (below).

How in the world did all of those characters get to Far Far Away so quickly? Especially when the film spent a significant amount of time trying to portray the name of the city is very accurate as far as the location.

700 miles to start
700 miles to start

Are we there yet?

Now only 200 miles...
Now only 200 miles...

Seriously, are we there yet?

Good! Only 100 miles to go!
Good! Only 100 miles to go!

Okay... Guess not!


How did they get to Far Far Away?


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