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First thing people did when they got a taste of augmented reality was become glassholes with it. Filming and recording people without their permission was pretty scary. Now what happens when the google glass technology becomes the norm and it is small enough to fit in a contact lens? This short film seeks to imagine just that a future where augmented reality becomes a part of our every day lives where there is a game for everything.

This video was uploaded in August of 2012 that is years before the world found out about the Hololens but the HoloLens is creepily similar in functionality. I mean just look at the picture above before you watch the video you might get weird-ed out that technology is headed fast in that direction. Although I might be the first person to sign up for it I'm not going to lie. Watch the video below and you will know what I mean.

Here is there synopsis from YouTube if you want to know what the film maker want to say about their project.

Sight, a brilliant and disturbing short sci-fi film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, imagines a world in which Google Glass-inspired apps are everywhere.

This is their graduation project from Bezaleal academy of arts

With 1.1 million hits I would say that they better have a good grade because of this. After watching the video I can say that will have to think twice about how much I let technology enhance my everyday life. Playing a skydiving game seems pretty fun but I think I can cook my eggs and chop my veggies without it turning into a Japanese video game. Although that wing-man app would have saved me many embarrassing dates in my younger years I wish that would hurry up and become real. Will just have to hide it better than that guy.


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