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Before we had Man of Steel, First came Superman in the 70's. The films that were made in the 70's-80's were light hearted and based mostly on Kal-El/Clark Kent. They had some heartfelt moments and scenes that made you think . That really spoke volumes with Hollywood and fans alike. It was the first time there was a comic book movie that had a decent budget and had a damn good cast.

Christopher Reeve as Superman was also something fans have never encountered before in cinema. Fans could feel for his character. And most wanted to be like him. I know I had my Superman pajamas with an attachable velcro cape at the age of 4(1988). They were movies you could take the family to and not have to worry about extreme language or nudity. In general, Those early films were groundbreaking and made their version of Kal/Clark to be a boy scout. A man who did something for the greater good of mankind.

Then in 2013, Man of Steel rolled into theater's, to say I was excited would be putting it lightly. From the trailers I saw months prior, this felt like a Superman movie that would define our generation. Basically the new age of Superman for the kids growing up nowadays. Some of us grew up watching Christopher Reeve, and the others will grow up watching Cavill as the Man of Steel. Since June 14 2015, The reviews for this film have been celebratory to down right shocking. In my opinion, Man of Steel was breathtaking, amazing, and a visual spectacle. This is OUR new Superman for a new generation. Cavill is playing the role flawlessly. I know Kal snapped Zod's neck at the end of the film but that exact scene was necessary if Kal wanted to truly be a hero. The only way he could stop General Zod was to kill the dude, unfortunately. That is one of the biggest complaints I've read or heard. As well as the acting(Which I thought was spot on). I get it that the destruction may have looked a little extreme. What do some of you expect would happen if aliens came to earth seeking lives? How else can you kill off thousands of people and make it look pretty? I feel the destruction and the pace of the film is what's turned some folks off.

Here I come to save the day!!!!
Here I come to save the day!!!!

In closing, The point I'm trying to get across is if you actually break Man of Steel down. There is more to brag about then there is to hate about it. For so long we saw the role of Superman and the tone of the movies to be an "aw shucks" kind of mentality. That may have worked back in the day. Times change and so do people and filmmaking, as well as technology. The tone of Man of Steel was perfect. No one's word will ever change that for me. My gut tells me fans will have better things to say about Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice when it premieres than Man of Steel did.


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