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Zac Efron is a well known actor that has starred in movies like, High School Musical, and Neighbors. Often, he is overlooked as just a mediocre, normal actor, with good looks, but he is an amazing actor with many talents. Now, you may be thinking that Zac Efron is already a popular actor, and I'm not saying that he isn't. What I am saying, is that Zac Efron (in my opinion) will become the next big thing.

Zac Efron was first being noticed after his role in, High School Musical, when he played a teenage, high school student. This is a significant reason for why I think he will become the next big thing for the following reasons. One: it showed everyone that Zac Efron can sing. And two: it showed everyone how good of an actor Zac Efron really is. You may think that the acting wasn't that great, but if you compare it to other musical movies that hit the big screen, you'll notice that it is almost as good. And if you compare it to regular musical Disney Channel movies, you'll notice that his acting is way better than a lot of the other actors from the those movies. Also, this is probable where Justin Bieber got his original hair style.

Although Zac has shown a sensitive side of his acting in almost every movie he's been in, one movie that really showed off his amazing emotional acting was, Charlie St. Cloud, where he played an older brother, that could see his disease, little brother. This was a fantastic, and very emotional movie that showed how well he could act out emotions. And there wasn't one second of that movie, when I didn't believe he was really feeling those emotions.

Years later, Zac Efron confessed to having a drug addiction, which shocked a lot of his fans. This was when he was though to of fallen down hill to the point of no return. But like all great actors, he overcame his struggles, and got back up. Zac took rehab and therapy to better himself before he started acting again.

In 2014, Zac Efron stared in the movie, Neighbors, as a frat house, college student. This hilarious movie showed us how funny Zac Efron can be. Not only that, but he acted with the very successful, Seth Rogen, who often does movies with people that he already knows. So knowing that they got along, this opened up a huge window for Zac, that could allow him to act in many more of Seth Rogen's movies.

In August of 2015, Zac Efron will star in, and play as a DJ in the movie, We Are Your Friends. It will be a drama, and according to the trailer, it looks pretty good. You can check it out at, and determine for yourself, whether or not you want to see it.

In conclusion, Zac Efron is a very talented actor, that can act out literally any emotion, and sing. He is very funny and expressive, and is capable of coming back from his mistakes. He is becoming more and more popular, and is likely to be in many more successful movies. Hopefully Marvel will pick him up in the near future, because of all his superhero qualities, like his good looks, good acting skills, and his exceptional muscle tone. These are my thoughts and reasons for why I think that Zac Efron will become the next big thing.

Please feel free to give me your thoughts on the topic, and remember, this is only my opinion.


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