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When Emma Stone debuted as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man, she instantly won over the hearts of every Spidey fan. Emma Stone was so good, that she made Gwen Stacy a much larger character in the comics as well.

In 2015, Marvel debuted the Spider-Gwen comic book series that became an instant success. The comic series exists in an alternate universe where instead of Peter Parker being bitten by the radioactive spider, it was Gwen. In this universe she is Spider-Woman.

The series won over fans, and they fell in love with the comic book character, just as they did with the live action version.

Fans have been very vocal about their desire to have Gwen Stacy included in the MCU, but I have yet to hear the possibility that I am about to present to you:

What if the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Gwen Stacy became Spider-Woman?

Fans want Gwen Stacy, and I have seen a large fan base interested in seeing Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) become a part of the MCU. So why not give them both? Clearly people love Spider-Gwen, so I do not see a world where the very rapid Marvel fan base does not fall in love with Gwen Stacy becoming Spider-Woman in the MCU.

How the Story Could Work:

Best Marvel Superhero Costume to Date.
Best Marvel Superhero Costume to Date.

The Spider-Gwen comic takes place in an alternate universe from Spider-Man; so obviously if Gwen Stacy was to become Spider-Woman in the MCU, some liberties would need to take place from the comics.

Marvel would need to completely go away from the source material. We can see from the MCU so far, that they have no problem straying away from the comics.

What if in the MCU Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy do date, much like in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, but for what ever reason (I am sure Marvel will do a better job of storytelling) Peter and Gwen attempt to give her the same powers that Peter has.

In doing so, Gwen has a negative reaction and dies (like in the comics), but comes back to life with the powers of Spider-Woman, and becomes a superhero like Peter.

Why Gwen Stacy instead of Jessica Drew?

Gwen Stacy vs. Jessica Drew
Gwen Stacy vs. Jessica Drew

While this article is about Gwen Stacy, it would be ludicrous not to talk about the Spider-Woman of the main Marvel comic universe (Earth-616). After all Jessica Drew has a large fan following as well.

So why should Marvel use Gwen Stacy over Jessica Drew, whenever Drew has just as much of a following?

Well for starters, while Marvel does remain loyal to their fans, they also have to accommodate more casual movie goers who are not as well versed in the comics. The casual movie goer will recognize Gwen Stacy, and will find her becoming a superhero more appealing than a character they have never heard of before.

I know that last sentence probably stung most Jessica Drew fans, but unfortunately it is true. Jessica Drew is a relatively unknown character.

Marvel has proven that unknown properties and characters can become house hold names like Guardians of the Galaxy. But whenever you have a popular character like Gwen Stacy who gives you the potential to become a powerhouse character like Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man; the pieces pretty much fit together on their own.

Though Jessica Drew fans should not fret. She could still easily make an appearance in the films, even if a different character takes up the mantle of Spider-Woman first. Much like the rumors that Bucky Barnes will take over as Captain America after Steve Roger; Drew could take over after Stacy.

Who could Play the new Gwen Stacy?

Obviously most fans would want Emma Stone to reprise her role from The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. If we are being realistic though, that will not be the case. Marvel is rebooting Spider-Man which means they are trying to distance themselves from either of the Sony franchise's of the famous web crawler.

Plus Emma Stone is now 26, Asa Butterfield who is all but confirmed to be playing Peter Parker is only 18. Clearly a love connection between the two would be obviously off putting.

There are plenty of young actresses that could do a great job with the character. If I had to give my personal choice to play the character though:

Chloe Grace Mortez

Chloe Grace Mortez for Gwen Stacy?
Chloe Grace Mortez for Gwen Stacy?

CGM has already had quite the career for only being 18-years old. She is very close to being a household name, and I believe the role of Spider-Woman could push her over into super stardom.

Her acting range has proven to be limitless. She can take on funny, dramatic, scary, and action all in one movie easily. With her role of Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass 1&2, she is well versed in action roles and fighting scenes, required of any actor in the MCU.

Her and Asa Butterfield also have a previous working relationship, when they both starred in the film Hugo together.

Marvel loves to cast big names for their superhero roles, and there is no bigger 18-year old actress name than Chloe Grace Mortez. She is the perfect choice for the role, and could even lead her own Spider-Woman movie franchise.


To sum up everything, Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman has the potential to be one of Marvel's biggest properties in the MCU if done right. The character could easily have her own solo films.

Marvel knows that Gwen Stacy is a fan favorite to comic book fans and casual movie goers. Making her Spider-Woman, and fighting alongside the Avengers could do nothing but make her character an absolute powerhouse for Marvel, both financially and commercially.

What do you guys think? Should Gwen Stacy become Spider-Woman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Or should they go with the classic Jessica Drew? Tell me what you think in the comments, and thank you for reading.


Should Gwen Stacy become Spider-Woman in the MCU?


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