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Aside from planning big stuff for my video or studying, I have a question to ask you... Are there too many restrictions for both the DC movies and tv?

Ok... so there are a few reasons why DC movies and TV shows can't crossover (for now):

  • Continuity Issues (can't be in the same universe, but it is a multiverse)
  • Not everyone watches these shows
  • Scheduling conflicts will end these shows
  • Creative Freedom

The first 2 are no-brainers and the third one makes sense because it's hard to shoot movies and shows like that. What about creative freedom? In some ways, yes, but other ways not so much!

Believe it or not, Arrow season 3 was suppose to be big for Suicide Squad, instead we got something else. Would this had made season 3 better? Probably! Let's talk a little more about Arrow's Suicide Squad.

CW's Suicide Squad

Alright! If you haven't been following Arrow, then you show know this will be a *Spoiler*, so yeah

The episode "Suicidal Tendencies" tells it all!

Deadshot dies in the episode to ensure the Suicide Squad's mission was complete.

Basically, some of the characters that were being used are being written off the shows until further notice because of the movies. So yeah, that creative freedom thing doesn't seem that free... right? From what I heard, the Flash can go all out, but let's talk about Arrow and what Willa Holland said about Harley Quinn!

Pertaining to all the movies that are being made and stuff like that in the comic book world, it's also taken a side away from the TV shows, she said, reports MCM London. "Because we had the Suicide Squad and these things inside of it, ARGUS. We were going really heavily into that for a minute. And then, something must have come down from DC or some higher-up above that said "No, you must cease and desist because we're going to make it into a movie and we can't have anyone spoil that idea.

Holland said they had "big plans" for the character, but said it will never happen. This is the girl who played her!

Cassidy Alexa

Yup, I think she would have been great!

So let's get back to the question... Why the Restrictions??? People make a big fuss about how certain characters can't be used, well there is an understandable reason.

One thing is for certain, everyone knows the argument of "Grant Gustin IS Barry Allen, he should be the only Flash they use as Barry. Ezra Miller can only be Wally West!" This is the type of argument that people ALWAYS bring up. Apparently, no other actor can play a character. Let's go to Margot Robbie!

This is just something I came up with... Imagine hearing that type of argument for EVERY character! Thing about it! Warner Bros wanted to ensure these universes were separate. I'm one of those people who get tired of hearing "they should've used this person!" Don't get me wrong... I make those arguments sometimes but jeez. Another reason...

How Much Are We Going To Make Green Arrow Batman?!

There's always those people who compare Green Arrow to Batman, saying they're the same. Realistically... they're not! I grew up on Justice League: Unlimited and even read some Green Arrow stories, so with that said... Their characters are different. I'm usually not the type of guy to say "stop changing the characters." At least you can see growth to become the character we know, but the Ra's Al Ghul arc was definitely geared for Batman, but instead had Green Arrow. Basically... Oliver Queen was Bruce Wayne. From what I'm hearing though, Arrow seems to be clear for season 4 (storyline wise)!

Conclusion: Alright, that's it. Say what you want about both Suicide Squads and restrictions, but it does make sense. I know they didn't want to "spoiler" the idea, but people maybe argue Arrow would've came up with a different angle. I mean come on, Harley Quinn on Arrow before Batman? Yeah, so don't be surprised if they planned Joker to eventually show up. I'm not exactly sure of the other reason, but I'm guessing they don't want any confusion with TV and Movies. If anything, Flash can bridge the 2 worlds together!

What do you think? Are there actual restrictions or not? Leave a comment!

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