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Recently in the San Andreas press junket The Rock was heard quoting this, when the interviewer asked 4 years wait for Shazam is really long "No, I don't think it is going to be that far away. It's going to be earlier than that. I don't think 2019." And Dwayne said the same before in another award ceremony as well, so it seems pretty clear that Shazam will be released before 2019 but the question is, when ?

Well if you ask me I would say August 2018 because of the following reasons

  • WB/DC's plan is pretty much locked up and rigid till 2017
  • August 2018 is a profitable release window with next to no competition at the Box Office
  • There's no other favorable release window in 2018, as it is pretty much filled with various comic book movies till July and back again from November.

So there you go guys Shazam's new release window will most probably be August 2018, which is eight months earlier than the original release date of April 2019, WB might announce this in San Diego Comic Con this year or in a separate press note latter on but remember that you heard it from me first !

But this brings us to the second question, If Shazam is moving up to 2018, then which DC movie will take Shazam's original April 2019 spot.

June 2019 is the release date of Justice League Part 2 and thus the movie releasing on April 2019 must be a movie which might have a more direct link to Justice League Part 2, so which movie is it ?

In the original press report of WB's DC movie lineup, we heard that WB will also make solo movies for Batman and Superman between 2016 to 2020 but they didn't mention concrete release dates and I think the movie which might be released on April 2019 would be a solo Batman movie, what's my reasoning behind this ? well Ben Affleck is a busy person juggling Oscar directorial efforts, humanitarian activities and leading roles in non DC movies and thus I think Batman solo movie and Justice League Part 2 might be produced in joint production to ease off Ben Affleck's schedule.

Or on the other hand it can even be The Dark Universe (Justice League Dark) movie for which Del Toro wrote a script and has given it to WB, so it's either Dark Universe or Batman solo movie on April 2019.

But this is just my prediction though, I might be wrong but at this point this sounds logical to me, what do you guys think, share it in the comments below !


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