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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

To those of you who refers Harrison Wells as Eoboard Thawne's Reverse-Flash (I'm pretty sure all of you are) then you need to read this. So we all know Harrison Wells is Eoboard Thawne right? But still that doesn't mean we can't have theories of who he really is right? So here's the question...

Is Harrison Wells actually Hunter Zolomon and only took Eoboard's name as a fake identity?

So get this (before you start hating) in the Flash finale in case you didn't remember or miss heard it then let me explain to you, in the finale it opens up with Barry talking with Harrison Wells right? Wells' says "You have questions that's alright, go" but a few moments earlier Barry says, "Thawne, that's you're name right? Eoboard Thawne?" Wells replies "Yes it has been since I was born" Barry "goes when is that?" Wells says "136 years from now".

STOP RIGHT THERE! When he says 136 years from now, and by now he means 2015 (not 2014) and if you take a quick second to remember, Eoboard Thawne and future Barry Allen vanished in the year 2024...

This article right here

The date says April 25 2024, and Eoboard says he was BORN not turning to The Reverse-Flash but BORN as in his mother giving birth to him, and if you do the math 2015 until 2024 is just 9 years apart but from 2015 to 136 in the future leads to the year 2151 which is 136 year from now and that is the year Eoboard Thawne is BORN not turn to Reverse-Flash but BORN! So that begs the question, who is he really? I mean in the finale during the questioning scene it goes...

Barry asks "Why did you kill my mother?" Wells answers "Because I hate you... not this you, future you."

Is he implying that he is actually Hunter Zolomon as in Kid Flash's (Wally West) soon to be Flash counterpart!? What if, just what if, like in the comics Zolomon became the next Reverse Flash because he wanted revenge on Wally West for not changing the past and prevented Zolomon from being paralyzed right? What if after that he wanted to wipe him out of existence! So after becoming the Reverse Flash he travels back to the year 2024 to kill Barry Allen and failed so he took Eoboard's identity and followed Barry back in time to the night his mother died, I mean it makes sense because the Reverse-Flash never wanted to kill Nora Allen because he wanted to kill Barry Allen instead but because Barry took younger Barry away, he killed his mother instead? Also convincing everyone that he is Eoboard Thawne. But that might not explain how he got wiped out of existence because Eddie died, but again, it is just a theory.


Do you think Wells/Thawne is actually Hunter Zolomon?


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