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Okay, before anyone gives me the stink face, Loki and Ultron are completely different characters. But, there are indeed things that happened in both Avengers movies that makes you wonder..."What was so different that Ultron did that differed from what Loki did?" Now one thing is for certain, Loki was a far better villain than Ultron, though I believe Ultron should have been WAY better villain than Loki. But it is much to do about nothing, this about the similarities or copied moments in the Avengers. Now this is spoiler filled so turn back now if you don't want either movie ruined for you.

Death to the human race.

Upon his very quick creation, Ultron quickly surfed at all internet outlets filled with information and came to the realization that the human race needs to be destroyed. His first official appearance as THE Ultron, he was draped with a large robe or carpet and sat in a chair as if it was his throne. Loki wanted to rule a kingdom, a planet, he sat on daddy's throne not once but twice. He like Ultron does not hesitate to kill the human race to get his point across. Ultimately, true satisfaction for them could only be the death of the human race.

Both had a drone army.

Ultron and Loki alone could not defeat the Avengers all by themselves, they both needed an army to fend off the heroes. it was a battle royal in both movies leaving lifeless drones everywhere Does this come off like formula? I think so.

Used mind games against the Avengers.

Ultron not only had a drone army, he had the twins, Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch to do his dirty work. In particular, The Scarlet Witch's powers allowed her to manipulate The Avengers with a mental hallucination cocktail that had them completely off their game.

With Loki, he used verbal slights and his scepter that was feeding them gamma radiation and some bad attitude. Scarlet Witch's was more effective, but plans both had The Avengers fighting each other and barely the enemy.

Both had a verbal encounter verbal encounter with the Black Widow.

Ultron captures The Black Widow and talks to her about how crazy the world is and how crazy he is by destroying his former self with his new body. Demented. Loki though, was captured, but in complete control, Loki described how he was going to kill his partner, while Scarlet pretended to be frightened by the threat. Is it coincidental that they both had a intimate with the Black Widow?

Both were flying vehicles.

You'd figure Ultron would be flying around all on his own, but no....he flew...a quinjet.....(Sigh) Well at least Loki had a good reason to since he could not fly. Which leads me into the next similarity.

Both have single-handedly killed an Avenger.

Yep, if you would have told me the fastest Marvel character was going to go out the way that he did, I wouldn't have believed you until I saw it with my own eyes. Yes, Quicksilver was killed by a quinjet....

No matter how it was done, it was done. But wait, Coulson is not an Avenger, right? Well I beg to differ, yes he is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, yes, he has no super powers. But, he believed in fighting against the most formidable foes and or odds. He took on Loki, by himself, for that, he is an Avenger. They both died with a fellow Avenger looking on with dread and terror in their eyes. Remember, Quicksilver initially was an enemy of The Avengers, but learned that following a homicidal robot was bad, so he was briefly an Avenger.

Both were smashed by HULK.

So unfortunately, there is no footage of Hulk smashing Ultron, but it shot off the most funniest reaction to the Hulk's appearance... in the quinjet. Hey, once you start, it is hard to stop. We don't know what he did to him, but I'm sure it had to do with smashing. I guess they figured it couldn't beat the fabulous Loki smashing that left us in stitches. It is still wonderful to watch.

What do you think? Do you think Ultron was kind of a copy of Loki? Or am I grasping at straws here? Watch Loki get smash repeatedly and leave your comments below.


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