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Wong Hon Fung

I saw a video that is said to be the leaked films of Marvel phase 4 on youtube,and I think that these films are gonna do great for Marvel.

The films are:

Red Velvet, Ice Pack Origins,War Thunder Thunder War,Tiger Mom,Stranger Danger,The Comptroller: First Quarter,The Astounding Icepack: Year One,Judge Judgement,Dr. Deception, D.D.S.,Spatula,The Jeffersons,Rabbi Killerman,Icepack Begins: Dawn of the Restart,The League of Women Voters and The Penultimates: Before Armageddon — Part III of IV.

Although I think the film above are suitable for the Phase 4,I don't think they are in Marvel's favor of choosing.First,15 films are not gonna to satisfy the quality for Marvel's film making,and of course,the placement of Easter eggs.Also, restarting the background of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not Marvel's style.

Moreover,what do u think will Marvel's Phase 4 movies be?Will they be Avengers vs X-men,some other groups like Luke Cage's Young Avengers,or Thanos becomes a hero that is part of a team,like in the Chaos War?

But to find out the truth,we eventually have to wait until Marvel unveils its Phase 4 movie list.What do u think?Do u think the list above is real or it is another artwork video mastered in Photoshop?

If u have any comments,u can post it to tell me below.


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