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Everyone has to agree with me when I say that 2015 was the year of superheroes. I mean not only do we get to watch our superheroes kick some major ass on the large screen we also get the pleasure of watching it on our small screen. While I do love watching movies about superheroes, I have to say my favourite will always be the ones on small screens. So I decided to create this post to list the superhero shows on TV right now from my least favourite to the my favourite

6. Agents of Shield

My least favourite superhero show on TV right now is Agents of Shield. Don't get me wrong, I love the whole idea of it but it just doesn't stick with me. When it was first introduced, I was excited like any other comic nerd. But the more I watched it, I couldn't get myself to like it. You watch a TV series hoping to find some type of bond or something you like in the characters but I couldn't. Although I have to admit this season has been quite interesting with the whole "inhuman" concept . However, as good as Season 3 was I still can't find myself liking a tv series that I lost interest in the moment it began. Although , I do admit, some of the concepts on there are interesting.

5. Daredevil

I like this show don't get me wrong. I love how they are telling the origins of the story rather then a guy in a red leather suit . But there is some thing about the show that just irks me. I know that is not a good reason to hate on this show. Maybe its because of Foggy, there is something about that guy that irritates me so much. Like Dude, shut up already, maybe because its on Netflix or maybe its just me but for some reason, Daredevil has made it on my shit list (excuse the expression).

4. Gotham

Gotham, a show that shows batman when he was a kid and pretty much how all Batman's enemies because his enemies. I like watching this show but only as an alternative when I don't have other good shows to watch. I'm not saying its bad but I'm also not saying its good. Its one of those shows you really don't like but for some reason you always watch it when they play the next episode. So in other words its like me watching Pretty Little Liars, I really can't stand half of the characters but I watch it because I have to.

3. Agent Carter

In my opinion, Agent Carter should be every girls role model. I fell in love with this show the moment I watched the first episode. Whats not to love about this show? I love the fashion, the fight scenes , I love everything about this show. This show shows young girls and boys that you don't have to be just one thing to be cool. Agent carter shows that you can dress like a girl, put on makeup, wear heels and still kick ass. You don't have to be one or the other but both. And that is something that I find so incredibly amazing about a fiction characters.

2. The Flash

Say what you like about DC but you have to admit that the Flash has got you hooked. This show has fast become my one of my favourite shows on tele right now not only because it the flash but its amazing. Its got the cool special effects, cool bad dudes, amazing back story (although I guess thats not hard to find) and amazing plots that keep you on your seat. There are so many reasons I would write for why Flash is an amazing show but I wont bore you with all that.

drum roll please.....

1. Arrow

The Arrow! The superhero that has started the birth of the superhero shows. Arrow is my favourite show out of all the superhero shows because of 1, the characters, 2 the stunts 3, the actors and actresses ,4 the plots 5, the script 6, the humor and did i mention the characters. Yep I did. There are so many other reasons I could list for why Arrow is an amazing piece of work but like i said before for flash, I won't. Arrow is the reason we are getting some of the most amazing shows yet, namely Supergirl, legends of tomorrow, titans etc. Even though Season 3 of Arrow wasn't as good as Seasons 1 and 2, it was still excellent Season with its own twist and amazing plots.


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