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After the amazing last couple of weeks, which have started expanding the DC television universe immensely, I think it's time for a bit of post game analysis on this season for CW and it's superheroes. Warning (obviously) for huge spoilers ahead for Arrow season 3.

Arrow Season 3

He still isn't smiling...
He still isn't smiling...

Well Arrow season 3 was amazing. We went into the season with a well oiled machine of a team fighting crime, which was at an all time low, and working well together. Throughout the season we have seen that team torn apart, tested without Oliver, get new members, watch old members die, and come close to total destruction. Let's look at the major events of season 3 and how they, and the ending, could affect the show's future.

Sara's death- While this was a shocking way to start the season off, and provided an array of interesting subplots throughout, it has also helped to set up Legends of Tomorrow (more on that later) and it was the start of Laurel's journey to being Black Canary.

Flash/Arrow team up- This was a great episode, introducing Captain Boomerang as well as being the second part of the team up between the heroes, showing how the CW universe is connecting itself. We can expect to see much more of this in the future.

Oliver's "death"- This set the tone for the rest of the season, we already knew Ra's would be the antagonist, but this showed just how incredibly powerful he was. It also left the team without their leader, and the next few episodes set up just how much of a struggle the city faces without their Arrow.

"Brick's Reign"- The emergence of Brick showed how desperately the city needs someone like the Arrow, and it set up the team as an independent entity from Oliver. Laurel continued to grow into a hero as the city began to run out of them, and it was a fantastic arc of the season.

Thea learns the truth- This part of the season was overlooked a little, mostly because Thea accepted the truth so well, but it was a moment we, and Oliver, have wanted to happen for years. It was also the first step in her becoming a part of team Arrow.

Deathstroke returns- One thing about Oliver, much like many superheroes, is that he has a nasty habit of leaving mortal enemies alive. Two of the three big antagonists are still alive after season three. It was nice to see that Deathstroke is still floating around, and still dangerous, if a little more insane.

Ra's offer- This set the stakes for the rest of the season, and left everyone feeling apprehensive, because we all knew Ra's Al Ghul is not the kind of man to take rejection lightly.

Nyssa is pissed- This was mostly important because, although Ted Grant trained Laurel well, Nyssa training her was what turned Laurel into a real badass.

Suicide Squad lite?- Obviously the upcoming Suicide Squad film leaves the CW universe with restrictions on their usage of the characters like Harley Quinn and Deadshot, but it appears that we may not see any form of the suicide squad again, although you can bet that with Amanda Waller having connections to HIVE, we will see her again.

Ray fights Oliver- While this wasn't the first time we saw Ray in his suit, it proved that it is not fully functional, and that he is quite hot headed. This could be an important personality trait as we move into Legends of Tomorrow.

Lance gets mad- From the moment we saw Captain Lance standing in the Arrow cave, we knew that there was no way the show could ever return to the place it had been before they met Ra's. It was an important moment for the show's dynamic.

Roy's "death"- Heartbreaking moment, even though he didn't really die. It was terrible to see Roy leaving the show as a regular. While he will be back for shorter time periods in future seasons, losing a superhero in a superhero show is terrible. I would love to see him become a regular on a different show in the future, but I doubt it.

Thea's "death"- Yes I'm seeing the pattern of main characters dying but not dying. It happened a lot this year, and it helped make the season an emotionally turbulent one, as always. Thea's dip in the lazarus pit could have unforseen consequences in the future, she can't be the same after that.

Al Sah Him- While it all turned out alright in the end, we may never have Diggle and Oliver's best friend relationship status return after what Oliver kept from the team. His relationship with Laurel may be damaged as well.

The finale- The finale changed everything. Ra's and Oliver's final battle was amazing, and I kind of want to see Matt Nable back, even though I was complaining earlier about Oliver not killing his bad guys. He was fantastic as a truly comic book-esque Ra's, and his time on the show changed many things. Oliver and Felicity are gone (for now) and that leaves Starling City being protected by Laurel, Diggle, Thea, and potentially Ray. However, on that subject, Ray had a bit of a strange season ending, with a big explosion going off, seemingly killing him, although obviously it didn't. There was a bit of dialogue at the end of the trailer for Legends though that makes it possible that everyone thinks he is dead, when he is really just stuck tiny. As for Oliver and Felicity, I think a little time away will start to make Oliver a happier man, and we will inevitably see him become Green Arrow instead of Arrow. I think Captain Lance will be at least tolerating the team again after the events of the finale, and now Merlyn is in charge of the league! Honestly did not see that coming, and I am pleased that the league is likely to still play a part in the show, and that Nyssa is as well! She is definitely one of the best characters, and has a whole lot more development to get through the show. Also, I have a serious crush on Katrina Law, so I would like to hope she remains a regular.

In short, Arrow is changing, hopefully for the better, and season 4 will probably bring a whole lot of new characters, maybe some old ones, and definitely a lot of HIVE.

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What was your favourite part of season 3?


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