BySuresh Mysore, writer at

Casting has played an important part to cult classics. Harrison Ford and Rutger hauer made such indelible impression on movie goers while making us believe in the post apocalyptic premise of humans and androids. The moral dilemma faced by Harrison Ford to kill an innocent android ... for being evolved played very well for fans who did not expect layers and depth in a fantasy flick.

  • The same way casting for part 2 will play a very important part since if youcan't better the original ( mad max, fast n furious,Mission impossible being good examples) don't make a sequel. Ryan gosling would make an amazing addition to the sequel if cast as an android with a heart. As he showed us in Drive" , brooding looks and understated danger lurking inside him would make the movie much more interesting ... On paper , casting coup to the film and increased interest from the audience waiting for this cult classic retold in a different take instead of old wine in a new bottle a la Spiderman where they start at the beginning... All over again ! Tiresome and mind fatigue all over !!

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