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Shamindri De Sayrah

Walt Disney had a vision, a vision of a better and brighter future. A better tomorrow. It is that vision which is brought to life in this movie.

The story of a very optimistic teen full of scientific curiosity who embarks on a mission along with a former boy genius inventor, to a world somewhere in time and space, a world where anything is possible. The two must then find a way to save our world which is destined to end.

Britt Robertson who stars as Casey Newton was brilliant in this movie, her character is quite similar to herself. She did not fail to amaze.

Raffey Cassidy who plays Athena did a terrific job! Especially considering how young she is.

Everyone knows the name George Clooney, and everyone knows he is a great actor. His role as Frank Walker was no different. It was so much fun seeing him act out this part.

Hugh Laurie who plays Nix was amazing. It’s like that role was made for him.

George and Britt made a great team. They acted really well together. When you combine Georges’ snark with Britts’ bubbly personality you get a really great result. Watching their characters argue was a real treat. Both of them brought the comedy to the movie.

The cinematography was incredible. The action, the stunts and the special effects were all so well done.

The ending was really beautiful, it gives the audience a sense of closure, but at the same time it leaves them wanting more.

The story alone is so interesting and so unique. It is exciting and full of suspense. Tomorrowland is unlike any other dystopian film we’ve ever seen. Brad Bird, the director has done an incredible job with this movie, If you ask me Walt Disney would be extremely proud at how well Brad, Britt, George and the entire cast and crew brought his vision of tomorrow to life by adding their own 21st century spin to it.

The movie itself inspires people to keep dreaming and shows us that nothing is impossible. It really shows the truth behind Walt Disneys' famous quote, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Tomorrowland is truly a remarkable spectacle.


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