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Anant Arun

You call them lazy? It’s high time for you to see them as the smartest one in your clique. Lazy people may not be the first one to make the move when in need, but they sure do find ways. where they can get things done with minimum efforts.

They can and do get things done with minimum efforts.

1. They find the easiest, most convenient and brilliant ways to do things

2. They have an easy alternative for everything that they’re supposed to do

Easy = Something that doesn’t

demand you to move.

3. Their definition, of being moderately active, may be different from everyone else

Like running to the washroom when your bladder gives up on you.

4. Their business ideas can be worth applauding

Let’s invent something which wouldn’t want us to work at all, like at all.

5. They will have access to smartest applications, tools, products, technologies, ideas to do things at the last minute and never be late

No wonder !! Go check their phone.

6. When it comes to being creative, you’ll be surprised to see the functionality of things you never thought of

7. They can handle things to the extreme levels until it is terribly necessary — Holding the pee, waiting for someone to turn on the fan, lying hungry for hours, watching a boring channel etc……

So don’t you dare call them impatient.

8. Multitasking is something they are really good at

Like sleeping and talking on the call.

9. They are likely to remember all the shortcuts by heart

Because that’s how they live their life, on shortcuts.

10. They are extremely good at reviving with their quick power naps

Painfully smart talent, not everyone can revel in it.

11. They are extremely sharp because they pick new ways to learn things

Ever won

der where all the abbreviations came from?

12. Power naps = Best tonic ever

That’s when their creative

buds are most active.

13. Their laziness ends up saving a lot of time and energy for them

A lot of time saved for sleeping and relaxing.

14. And maybe, the lazy lads are the ones behind mushrooming technologies – Dreaming of a world with great efficiency and less effort

Like a bat to kill mosquitos

, back scratcher etc etc. .

15. And this quote from Bill Gates says it all

Well, it does make sense!

So be good to

all your friends, but be great with your lazy friends. You never know, they might end up being millionaires tomorrow.


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