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After a well received first season, Marvel's Daredevil series has officially been given the greenlight for another run of episodes on Netflix, which means we have about 13 hours of exciting superhero television to look forward to in 2016. And, now that Matt Murdock has ascended from being a rookie vigilante to the costumed hero we know and love, we can expect his stories to take on new life next season. That means that Marvel will need to bring in more characters, some of which will hopefully deepen the connection the Man Without Fear has with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While nothing has been officially announced just yet, here are 7 characters who could bring with them some seminal Daredevil stories from the comics and plenty more geek-tastic moments.


Okay, so Stilt-Man and his robotic extending legs may be a bit farfetched for the "grounded" world that Daredevil inhabits, but there IS a possibility that he could show up in season two. Many involved with the show, including star Charlie Cox, have said that they'd like to see Stilt-Man next season, and he could theoretically fit within the larger MCU just fine. Plus, there was also an Easter egg alluding to his existence in Melvin Potter's workshop. He doesn't need to be a major villain or anything, but a fun little appearance would be nice for longtime Daredevil fans.

White Tiger

Angela del Toro, an FBI agent-turned-superhero, could easily serve as a femme fatale for the show's second season, especially if Marvel wants to keep Elektra on the backburner. It'd be great to introduce del Toro as an FBI agent investigating Daredevil's rise in Hell's Kitchen while interweaving her origin story with her hunt for Matt Murdock. Add a little bit of the martial arts history of the character (which could potentially tie nicely into Iron Fist) in there as well and you've got yourself one hell of a subplot.

Black Widow

It may be a bit of a stretch to think that someone of Scarlet Johansson's calibre could show up on Daredevil, but anything is possible in the MCU. The character has been a major player in many of Daredevil's adventures and is also one of his more famous love interests. We're not saying that she has to have a multi-episode arc (though that would be nice), but some kind of allusion to her history with Matt would be appreciated and could help transition Daredevil into the feature film side of the universe.


Spider-Man appearing on Daredevil is also a long shot, but it's a live-action team-up that we just couldn't leave off of this list, as it's something fans have been clamoring for for quite some time. I'm not saying that such a thing is plausible at the moment, but now that Spidey is (mostly) back in play for Marvel, it's finally possible. Hell, we'd be happy with even just a mention of the wall crawler or a trip to the Daily Bugle for Nelson and Murdock.


The seed for Elektra's appearance on the series was planted in a flashback sequence in which Matt and Foggy reminisce about a Greek ex-girlfriend. That means that the character is definitely out there somewhere, probably being trained as an assassin, and that it won't be long until she finds her way to Hell's Kitchen. In the comics, Elektra was hired by the Kingpin to kill Daredevil. Based on what happened to Fisk in season 1, that storyline could easily play out in the show's sophomore year. Elektra is a monumentally important character in the Daredevil mythos and is due for some live-action redemption. Her appearance in the series could also pave the way for storylines featuring The Hand (which were also teased in season 1), so story-wise, it makes the most sense to bring her in sooner rather than later. Plus, we need more strong female characters in the MCU and few fit the bill as well as Elektra does.


Another important Daredevil character in need of redemption (thanks to the same failed film franchise as Elektra) is Bullseye, DD's sharp-shooting nemesis. Many hoped he'd make a surprise appearance in season 1, but other than a possible Easter egg, he was nowhere to be found. In the comics (and the 2003 film) Bullseye kills Elektra, so if you bring her in you HAVE to bring him into the fold as well (if for no other reason than to tease the possibility of her future demise). While Fisk was a good foil for Murdock in season 1, Daredevil needs a true force to be reckoned with next season. Bullseye is certainly that formidable foe and could easily serve as the season's over-arching "big bad."


If there is one character fans want to see most in the MCU right now, it's Frank Castle, the Punisher. The character hasn't fared well in live-action (with three commercially and critically derided films to prove it), but could find quite the home on Netflix and should probably show up in Daredevil first. Daredevil succeeded in paving the way for a darker, bloodier corner of the MCU, and it's easy to see how Castle could walk right in and fit comfortably within it. He's gone up against Daredevil several times in the comics and could prove to be quite the adversary and eventual ally in the series. Both Charlie Cox and showrunner Steven S. DeKnight have expressed their desire to bring the character to the small screen, so hopefully it's just a matter of time before they (and we!) get their wish.


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