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Uwe Boll has a reputation of being controversial and his films are often times met by harsh criticisms and mixed reviews, but fans have become ravenous for his Rampage films. There are currently two films in the Rampage series, and Boll has taken to Kickstarter to not only help fund Rampage 3: No Mercy, but to give the fans a chance to be a part of the film. The goal is $55,000, of that, $12,684 has been raised. There are currently only 18 days left to be a part of a brutal film. To make a contribution, head over to the Rampage 3: No Mercy Kickstarter page.

The majority of the funds being raised via Kickstarter will be put towards the filming of the film's ending scene. Brendan Fletcher (Freddy vs. Jason) reprises his role as Bill Williamson.

Who is Uwe Boll?

Starting as a young filmmaker in Germany, Uwe Boll quickly graduated to larger projects including a number of video game adaptations such as Far Cry and Dungeon Siege, before more recently exploring more personal subjects for his own original work, culminating in films such as Attack on Darfur, Assault on Wall Street, and of course, the Rampage films.
Uwe Boll
Uwe Boll

Moviepilot: Stated on your Kickstarter, you want to use the crowdfunding so fans have an opportunity to be involved in the process of the film, why is this?

Uwe Boll: RAMPAGE 3 has a few big action sequences and we are not able to finance this scenes without crowd support.

MP: Will Rampage 3 take place in Washington D.C. like Capital Punishment or will Bill Williamson take on another new location?

UB: I think this time he is heading for the White House.

MP:The Kickstarter is mainly to help fund the filming of the end scene of the film, would you say that Rampage 3 is going to be the most brutal of the series?

UB: Rampage 3 will be more like Rampage 1…the body-count will be higher as Rampage 2.

MP: Will you be ending the Rampage series as a trilogy, or will there be more films?

UB: That will be it …Rampage 3 is the final.

MP: What 3 words would you use to describe Rampage 3?

UB: Ruthless, Satirical, True.

MP: Brendan Fletcher has done an incredible job portraying Bill Williamson, do you have any plans of asking him to return for any future projects?

UB: He was in my movies BLOODRAYNE 2 and 3 and Bluberella and also in Heart Of America what just came out again on DVD with Olive Films in USA.

MP: It has been said that internet piracy has lead to investors shying away from this film. With investors being hard to entice, what would be your next step in getting the film made if the Kickstarter fails?

UB: The problem is that DVD sales going down and for big VOD sales we as producers are not getting enough money.

MP: The Rampage films and Assault on Wall Street are very revenge driven films, are you partial to that type of film?

UB: I love attacking political problems and showing the world we are living in. in 80 years humans are extinct because we are to stupid to react to reality. We poisoned the planet and accepting the melting of the ice etc. as long we can keep our lifestyle. In 30 years there will be no fish in the oceans anymore …..all facts …but we hope it goes away without us doing anything about it.

MP: What projects do you have planned for after Rampage 3?

UB: Nothing ——it maybe my last movie ——even if I always wanted to do POSTAL 2.

Rampage 3 teaser photo
Rampage 3 teaser photo

As you saw, this may be Uwe Boll's final film, so be sure to donate and spread the word about his campaign to help make Rampage 3: No Mercy the most brutal of the trilogy.



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