ByChris Rippe, writer at

As brutal, sadistic, and disgusting as rape is, those were violent times. It strays from the books on a whole new level and that particular take is crossing the line for many followers. But while this doesn't take place in present tense, some seem to expect it to follow today's standards of what's acceptable. These characters aren't your 9-5ers of today, they're from a violent and tramatic time in the history of mankind. I'm not condoning what was portrayed, but I do understand that such things may have happened in that era. There's so much that we don't know for certain about that time. But to just totally abandon a great series, that many have followed since the beginning, because they take a scene a little too far in an episode is kinda like burying your head in the sand and believing that such things didn't possibly happen as portrayed. Rape is a violent act, some more than others, and I'd bet it happened quite regularly back then due to they're barbarianistic ways. I think the writers and directors may have pushed the envelope a little too far this time, but will continue to watch. I hope they listen to the viewing populace and take note not to let it get out of hand again so I can continue to watch what's normally an excellent show.


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