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There's something about violence, that draws humans towards it. There's something that excites them about violence. Fighting is something that's our natural instinct, "survival of the fittest" anybody! Now the reason I wasted almost three lines, is so that you read at least something on this post, before being disappointed about it not being about actual fighting.


*Epic Fireworks*

Marvel vs DC.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's the debate that keeps comic book fans going. Something that always looks to be solved with the next movie, but never actually does. A debate, that's probably going to last till the end of time!

Now, I'll tell you one thing, I know nothing about comic books. I haven't read a comic since I was four (when I refer to comics, it means the superhero ones, Asterix is <3 ). The only scarce information that I maintain is probably from the movies. And just to give you an example of how little I know, I didn't even know all the Guardians of the Galaxy s and the Iron Man s and Cap'n Am s and Avengers etc. were supposed to be called the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So my input is going to be minimal in this case.

Now, for those of you who want me to shut up already, and go on to the debate, I'll just take a few more second of your time. So for this debate, we had Shadan from the Marvel corner and another friend of mine, from the DC Corner! And considering I don't know much about all of this stuff, we also had a neutral guy trying to give flow to the debate.

Just a bit about how it's gonna be represented. Marvel will be represented with "Marvel" DC, with "DC" the neutrals, with "N". My personal inputs in (). Also at times the neutrals will make comments to give shape to the debate. So, I guess, this is it! Enjoy!

DC: So do we give plot holes from comics or from the MCU?

Neutral (N.): Movies, as of now.

Marvel: Wouldn't you be stressing more on the DCCU?

DC: Plot holes in DC movies, that'll be tough considering Mario Puzo wrote the script for Superman 2.


Marvel: I once remember seeing Batman and Robin, and Mr. Freeze.

DC: Don't mention that to me...
(the burner just got burned)
But well, what about Daredevil, or Catwoman? Just imagine the competition these movies give to one another, is so bad, that I'll have to say, 'Catwoman was better"!

Marvel: Catwoman was way much worse that Daredevil. Daredevil was made in 2003 and had a desired quality.

(I don't know comic books or superhero movies much, but how could someone say that?)

N: Any comments on the storyline, in general of the two worlds?

Marvel: DC is keen on having great storyline ideas, which end up being implemented weakly. DC barely managed to keep a consistent storyline!

DC: The Dark Knight Rises manages to contradict that!

Marvel: But, what about Emerald Twilight? That specific comic ruined Green Lantern for me and its subsequent release was horrendous too!

DC: I wish I could retaliate with a barb on Marvel Comics, but I can't read them, it's too much to stand them!

N: Tru dat!

DC: Marvel got started on the wrong foot! "Howard the Duck"? That movie, was genuinely stupid! And it was the first Marvel movie...

Marvel: I don't think you want to miss out on Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, in this discussion?

DC: Please, it'll corrupt the air around us if we begin discussing bad Marvel movies!

Marvel: No comments on "The Return of The Swamp Thing", I presume...

DC: The Ghost Rider series?
The first Fantastic Four?

N: Well, except for Nicolas Cage, the first Ghost Rider wasn't that bad. And the First Fantastic Four was good. Not that good, but good!

Marvel: The First Ghost Rider was just brilliant!

DC: I said series, no comments on the second one, I presume? The Fantastic Four, the one I'm talking about.

Marvel: It's an un-released film!

DC: Just think about all of the Marvel Knights movies.

Marvel: Oh yea? Seen Steel, 1997? That's a shame to cinema as a whole!
Supergirl, The Jonah Hex movie?

DC: To be honest, I don't even know what we're doing here! DC has Batman AND Superman, that's more than enough!

N: Well, just naming superheroes? Anyone can do that!

DC: We have landmark and simply epic storylines! Convergence, Forever Evil, Flash of Two Worlds to name a few.

N: Well, Marvel did win the battle over Captain Marvel... DC, known better as

(That must've hurt)

Marvel: I agree there is Batman. Who is simply epic, and the only character worth anything in DC. But then they've had movies like The Green Hornet!
Batman vs Robin! Let's not forget the fact that "Superman and Batman: Swamis, Inc." was one of the worst comics ever. The superhero Vibe, I
don't even want to comment there! comments on him! Danny the Street and Branden from DC town are one of the worst deeply written characters in Comic Book history...

N: Well, there's been enough anti-DC, so I need to mention Watchmen. The Best Comic movie ever! No competition.

Marvel: Civil War, by Mark Millar and Infinty Wars too! They're like the best
comics! And well, Deadpool kills everyone! Days of Future Past and

DC: We haven't yet mentioned, that Marvel copies! Captain America, from
Superman, Darkseid was the "inspiration" for Thanos, Quicksilver and
Flash..... Deadpool and Deathstroke!

Marvel: Deadpool and Deathstroke are poles apart! While one is knows for being serious, the other is completely the opposite!

DC: But the design was copied! And the name derived!

Marvel: Okay, the fact that marvel is unique, original and diverse makes Marvel the winner for me! Marvel has a variety of story lines, let's take the Indian Spiderman as an example! Marvel is also uniquely known to be more related to real life people! Marvel also has different universes to cater the demands of different people.

(Aww... You're gonna make me cry)

DC: Dr. Polaris- Magneto, Dr. Fate- Dr. Strange, Clayface- Sandman, Aquaman- Namor! Original?

N: Aquaman was copied from Namor. Facts.

DC: Well, as a closing statement, I'd say DC has a darker and a more mature theme. I admit Marvel started this, with Gwen Stacy's death, but in the end,
it's what's overall, that matters. DC is also more original, again I admit, in
some areas, it has copied. In the mixing the universes too, it's on a much
more extreme level, than Marvel! Infinite Crisis and Crises on Infinite Earths
name a few.

N: Disney has Star Wars 'nuff said!

I see Lucas has sold his soul! He's enjoying :P
I see Lucas has sold his soul! He's enjoying :P


Well, on a bit of a "different" note, this discussion ended. Although it wasn't of the desired quality I'd have liked, I hope all of you enjoyed reading through this debate! Also please do comment with your own views, and thoughts about DC and Marvel!

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