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Well, as you can see MTV released a new trailer for Teen Wolf's highly anticipated Season 5, premiering June 29th. I don't know about you, but I held my breath all the way watching this promo...

So many things to talk about here. Let's start with Stalia, Jeff Davis - executive producer, head writer and creator - talked about Stiles and Malia breaking up and I was sure that Theo had something to do with that, and I was right, in case you missed it take a look at this gif:

That side-eye!
That side-eye!

Maybe the only reason they connected is because Theo knows something about the Desert Wolf a.k.a. coyote a.k.a. her mother. Let's not forget the whole season is about the Desert Wolf which is Braeden's mission. That means focus on Malia... oh, and something tells me that Theo and Scott have met before.

Stiles and Malia breaking up will cause a lot of tears and heartbreak to all of us, but not as much as Lydia going crazy. Maybe, the same thing that happened to her grandmother is happening to her now. All we know for sure is that Beacon Hill's' very own banshee checked in to Eichen House and she appears to be having some sort of breakdown as doctors ask her about what happened in her senior year. Whatever it is, we can't be completely sure until we watch the first episode which, according to Jeff, will be 'dedicated' to Lydia's background, meaning family, powers, etc.

Jeff also teased a bestie fight between Scott and Stiles. We heard it loud and clear: "Why don't you trust anyone?" Scott asks, "Because you trust everyone!" Stiles yells. Does that mean the end of a friendship? I hope not... Who are we kidding, it's Scott and Stiles, they couldn't 'break up' even if they wanted to. Oh, and by the way, Tyler Posey - who plays Scott McCall - said in an interview at the MTV Movie Awards that Scott will be having a mental breakdown and that he is super excited for it.

Now, about the big Berserker-like monsters, they are called the Doctors, they're only half human and they combine science with the supernatural. It seems that they're conducting some kind of experiment, and that's why there were some weird alien things on some kind of tubes. However, the Doctors are not the only villains. Am I the only one who short saw a glowing demon thing with claws?

Now, did you see the car accident? Well, there was a car accident and wasn't that a hopefully just unconscious Deputy Parrish? Not to worry, we know for sure Parrish is supernatural and if he can survive a fire he can survive a car accident.

So, in conclusion, the fifth season of Teen Wolf is all about the senior year and it is also the season of secrets and how secrets can tear a tight group of friends apart. And remember, fear kicks off at June 29... "They're coming for all of us."


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