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With all the spoilers and rumors we've heard and seen in regards to the plot of Batman v Superman. We'll most likely get major influence from The Dark Knight Returns, the novel by Frank Miller. Batman's backstory in BvS will be in line with Miller's take on the character. I know Zack Snyder has already said it's loosely based on that take. Everything I've seen so far from set photos, set videos(Do grainy and shaky cams count?) and the EPIC trailer. There is a definite feel to it as being an anti-Superman flick. We'll most likely see half the population that loves Kal for all he did to save Earth. And the other half that wants him to take accountability for the destruction that was caused in Metropolis and Smallville. And of course all the other damage caused by the terraform, especially in the Indian Ocean. That will introduce us to this character for the first time EVER on screen!........

JL 1 will be here in 2017!
JL 1 will be here in 2017!

The rumors that Jena Malone will be playing Carrie Kelley aka Robin is also in line with TDKR. We've only seen her on set with Snyder, going down on an ice cream cone. You can't go wrong with seeing different takes on these characters. I'm sure we'll be seeing either Dick or Jason at some point in the DCCU. What will James Gordon's fate be in the new DCCU? It's nice for a change from seeing the same characters over and over. So here's to Malone playing Robin! Superman's role will be very crucial in BvS, as this takes place after the destruction brought on by General Zod & Co. I'm anxious to see who is in charge of starting the League and how it plays out on screen. Seeing the Holy Trinity assemble with the rest of the League will have many fans convulsing while in our theater It's a great feeling that what I used to follow as a youngster, and now at my tender age of 31. We are all getting our childhood's back again, even if it's for a movie.

With us knowing the story-line(Kinda, sorta) that BvS will most likely be covering. What would you like to see next in Justice League 1&2/Man of Steel 2, and for the Batman solo film?(Which I hope if the rumors are true it's named "The Batman"). And here's to Ben Affleck *fingers crossed* starring and directing the solo Batman film. I hope it will follow Under the Red Hood plot or Hush.


What would you like to see next?


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