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Well my first new movie in a while but hey can't afford to go see everything so I present my review of The Rover. The Rover revolves around Australia after something called The Collapse occurs, this causes Australia to become a wasteland and the film follows a loner called Eric hunting down bandits who stole his car; he is joined by one of the bandits' brother who was left for dead when the bandits escaped a firefight. The Rover is directed by David Michôd and stars Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson and Scoot McNairy .

There are lots of positives to this film which include: fantastic acting, brilliant tone, it is extremely tense, the brutal action, the film is emotional, the character development is great, the film is very dark and bleak and the world is realised extremely well. To expand, everyone in this film plays there roles well and the two main characters (Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson) are absolutely outstanding from Guy Pearce's quiet character who displays very little emotion so when he does displays emotion it makes it more significant to Robert Pattinson's mentally challenged character who acts like a child with this growing hatred for his brother; both of which are performed excellently (which I didn't think I would say about Pattinson when I went into the cinema). The tone to this film is established very well by the director which makes the film very dark and bleak, this helps the audience to get immersed into the world that surrounds this film. The film is really tense so that whenever action occurs it is always a shock and the results are always shocking because of the brutal nature of the action that goes with it. If you read any of my reviews you know it is hard for me to get attached to characters and experience the emotion in a film; because this film, for the most part, centers around just two characters you see them evolve and you get attached to them and feel for them. This is also due (and I will keep saying it as it deserves to be said) to the excellent direction of this film which is what has helped this film to become spectacular.

Unfortunately there are also a couple of negatives which are that the plot is simple and the story progression is slow. The overall plot of this film is very simple, it is just a man trying to find his car but the pockets of intrigue and the phenomenal acting stop the film from becoming dull; also the story progression is slow and in certain parts it gets slightly boring (but only for a few minutes) however the slow story progression helps the film sustain its bleak tone.

Overall this film is just fantastic if the plot wasn't as simple this would be close to the standard of 12 Years A Slave, this film is almost perfection. Even though the plot is simple this film is still brilliant because of the great acting, the sustained tense moments throughout the film and the fact this film draws you in with the characters and the world. So taking this all into consideration I rate this film:



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