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Thor Vol 4 (Female Thor) is a eight issue comic and tells the story of the new Thor, why they are worthy, and who she is.

Issue #1:

The comic starts out in the Norwegian sea with a few submarines looking around for some old artifacts and starting to get attacked by frost giants. Meanwhile the story shifts to the moon (in the shadow of Asgardia) where we see Thor sitting in front of mjolnir and the warriors three say that he had been like that for weeks... not eating, drinking, or sleeping because he cannot pick up his hammer.

Odin then shows up and is sure that Thor has been bewitched by someone, like the enchantress or his brother. Odin then tries to lift mjolnir himself but cannot, then Thor decides to go to the hall of weapons. The story then goes back to the Norwegian sea where the people in the submarines and in the underwater fortress are still under attack by the frost giants, then Malekith the accursed appears in the underwater fortress and tells the people that the giants want something they have and that he is helping thim find it. Thor then arrives with Jarnbjorn (a dwarven-forged battle axe) and riding one of his goats confronting Malekith about what he is doing with the frost giants but malekith only taunts and makes fun of him because he does not have his hammer then cuts Thor's arm off. It then shows a hand grasp mjolnir and the person says " There must always be a Thor."

Issue #2:

On the moon the new female Thor picks up mjolnir and is amazed herself, with a new suit of armor and a mask she then figures out how to fly and heads to Midgard. Once there she arrives on a frozen pacific ocean at the frost giants earth kingdom where she comes across a hand full of frozen superheroes such as spider man, she-hulk, and captain america.

She then gets the attention of a few frost giants and a fight breaks out, with her still learning how to use mjolnir she starts beating the giants and says that she is the new "goddess of thunder." Meanwhile on Roxxon island the frost giants make there way to the floating corporate headquarters and start to destroy. Dario Agger (Roxxon C.E.O.) still in the headquarters says that there will be no evacuation and unleashes Ulik the troll to fight the frost giants, Dario then tells Ulik that the frost giants must be after a giant skull and locks himself in safe room/ elevator whiel turning into a Minotaur. when the elevator opens he sees the new Thor fighting frost giants and asks her what happened to the "real" Thor, she only says that she is the new Thor and Dario then opens a different set of elevators and tells her that the walls inside of this elevator are made of vibranium and adamantium and that nothing can get through, not even mjolnir when closed. The new Thor then throws mjolnir at Dario and he closes the doors with the hammer inside leaving the new Thor in a room full of frost giants with no weapon.

Issue #3:

In this issue it starts a few days before the frost giants attack Midgard, they and Malekith are talking and Malekith tells the giants that he had found what they have been looking for and now is the time to strike because he knows that Thor has lost his power of mjolnir. Now back on Roxxon island the new Thors hammer is still stuck behind the reinforced doors and Malekith tells the frost giants to stand down for now and suggests that she tells him how she could wield mjolnir and tells her that he has killed the previous Thor and that he could do so again, With her thinking that he was bluffing she lets him know that she does not need the hammer to defeat him and the frost giants.The now insulted Malekith tells the frost giants to do what they want with the new Thor so they freeze her and one of them swallow her whole and say "so ends the story of lady Thor." Thinking that he has killed the new Thor the giant senses something wrong with his eyes, then his head explodes with thunder and Thor tells them that she still does not need the hammer to defeat them and they start to fight. With the frost giants busy with Thor, Malekith casts a teleportation spell to get inside to Dario Agger, then inside Agger turns into a Minotaur and they begin to fight as well.

Thor realizing that she is losing more and more power by the minute without mjolnir she uses the last of her power to pry the door open by hand and finally releases mjolnir, Then all of the sudden The previous Thor walks in and says "unhand my hammer woman. or know the wrath of Thor."

Issue #4:

The issue starts hours before the Thor's encounter each other with the previous Thor waking up in Asgardia and yelling "where the hel is my arm?."

he then stands and notices Screwbeard a dwarven smither with a gift for him, a new arm made of black uru where Screwbeard said was forged in the same furnaces as mjolnir and has took a thousand dwarves to shape. He then is told by odin that mjolnir is missing and so is his mother.

Back on roxxon island both Thors stand and argue about the hammer and Frigga and finally start to fight themselves, after a long hard fight the old Thor sees mjolnir do things that he had never seen it do before and realizse that that the hammer was not under a spell and that the new weilder was worthy, he then asks if the new thor is his mother and she kisses him then asks him if he still thinks that, he then realizing that it is not Frigga asks who she is and she says that she cannot let him know. They then fight as a team and take out the rest of the remaining frost giants. afterwards the old thor figures out that Malekith and the frost giants were after king Laufeys skull the whole time to ressurect him so he and she shatters the skull into dust, he confronts Malekith and Malekith dissapers, lady Thor then tells the other Thor that they should go back to the frosen superheroes now that all of the frost giants have been defeated and that is where they find Frigga and she tells her son that there is something fimiliar about the new Thor and she flys away. Later back on Roxxon island Dario and Malekith unveil the real skull of Laufey and Dario tells Malekith that the Thors have destroyed a decoy.

Issue #5:

Back on Midgard in Manhattan the new Thor is fighting crusher creel and whiel he taunts her she beats him down then Titania comes to save him and realizes that Thor is a woman and tells her that she would not fight her out of respect but the new Thor hits her anyway. Meanwhile in Asgardia Odin and the previous Thor argue about weather the hammer was under a spell or not and Odin lets everyone in the room know who he is and what he has done then reintroduces his brother Cul Borson (the god of fear) as his new royal inquisitor and minister of justice. The previous Thor now in a rage reminds odin that it was Cul that raised an army to defeat Midgard and murcer him. Still angered he goes to the Asgardian bar and starts to drink and talk with lady sif. Meanwhile on the moon female Thor starts to realize that the more that she is with mjolnir the harder it is on her to be withought it, and then Frigga shows up from the bifrost to talk to her about Odins madness and that she will be in danger soon and the new Thor flys away to get ready for the danger that fregga explained. Back in the deep bowels of Asgardia Odin awakens the destroyer and puts it under the control of Cul.

Issue #6:

This issue starts out telling the origin of Dario Agger and how he became a Minotaur, then going back to him and Malekith on Roxxon island talking about trading realms for the skull of Laufey. Meanwhile in Asgardia thor asks Heimdall if he could see who the new thor is but Heimdall can only see her in her armor, he then decides that he has already knows her but cannot figure out who. The old Thor then travels back to Midgard to the den of rock trolls and beats them without knowing that he is talking to himself about who he thinks she is. He then travels back to the moon and comes to understand that whoever was able to pick up mjolnir would have to be a god of some sort, and while thinking out loud again he is interrupted by Volstagg telling him that he needs to see Jane Foster as her condition has gotten worse. Now in the Asgardian hall of medicine the old Thor talks to the healer and she tells him that Jane had collapsed earlier and has only gotten worst in the past few weeks, thinking it is his fault he asks what they can do and the healer tells him that she refuses the suggested treatments because there "too damn magical," he then decides to speak with her and she tells him that mortal medicines and not working any more and that the cancer she has is being treated with chemo and then she jokes around with him for a little while and then tells him that she is not afraid of death, He then pulls out a list he made of who he thinks the new Thor could be and crosses Janes name off the list and circles Roz Solomon. He then travels to the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier has agent coulson look up Agent Roz Solomons profile to get an idea. The story then turns to Dario and Malekith making a deal for all mineral rights to all of Malekiths realms he has conquered for king Laufeys skull, then the new Thor comes crashing through interrupting the deal but is blown and slammed away by the destroyer.

Issue #7:

The issue starts weeks before all of this happened with agent Roz Solomon running and shooting her way out of Roxxon after infiltrating the island to get proof of its massively illegal underground toxic waste dump she then fly's agent coulsons car to the moon where it shows Thors hammer laying there, then it turns back to Roxxon island now with the new Thor fighting the destroyer and the destroyer with the upper hand and under the control of Cul picks up mjolnir and starts to use it against the new Thor. Back in Asgardia Cul tells odin that he has the destroyer holding the hammer so Odin tells him to teach her a lesson for stealing the hammer from his Odinson. Now in Midgard riding Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr The old Thor meets his mother and she tells him that they need to raise an army and help the new Thor fight the destroyer and he says that he already has a list. Thor and the destroyer are still fighting on Roxxon with Malekith and Dario watch and seal their deal with blood, she finally gets mjolnir back and hits the destroyer with it crashing them both down in the middle of a cow farm. Then the previous Thor comes walking out of a portal with an army of female superheroes.

Issue #8:

All of the female superheroes give everything theve got and fight the destroyer but they are not succeding as the destroyer is unstoppable under the control of Cul. The all-mother pulls out her sword and jams it in the destroyers face and the destroyer grabs her by the throat choking the life out of her, she then tells Odin through Culs eyes if he sees what he has done and feeling as if he had made a mistake he orders Cul to stop and the destroyer stops and fly's back to Asgardia. With the fight now over all of the female superheroes leave except for both of the Thor's, Odinson then confronts the female Thor and says that he knows who she is and that is Roz Solomon but as soon as he says that Roz herself comes up to both of them and talks to them about how she could have needed there help trying to take down Agger, with odinson knowing that Roz could not be the new Thor he marks her name off the list which is the last one and tells the new thor that she has earned the right to keep her identity hidden. The new Thor then flys away and goes to an abandoned tower in Midgard then lets mjolnir fly away and with her armor disappearing the new Thor is revealed and she says "I am Dr. Jane Foster. And i will not stop being the mighty Thor. Even though it is killing me."


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