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Why are superheroes so fascinating? Do they let us dream about the beings that we desire to be? Do they show us an optimal reality where good people always defeat evilness? Do they show us the immortal light that resides in our hearts?

Superheroes movies are here to stay. And we can only cherish that fact.

Of the amazing amount of great superhero films, seven stand tall and proud at the top. I am pleased to introduce to you, these fantastic movies.

I hope you enjoy it!

7 - Kick-Ass

Superheroes are a special breed. Some have great abilities and especial powers; some others have a great intelligence or a lot of money.

Kick-Ass has nothing of this.

Kick-Ass is as common as a human can be. He has no special powers and he has no money. His advantages? He feels no pain and he has a brave heart.

But let's be honest, Kick-Ass, as great as he is, is not the most interesting character in the film. This honor goes to the amazing Hit-Girl. It is incredible to watch her beating her enemies with grace and ease. She steals the movie.

Kick-Ass is the super hero movie for the new millennium.

6 - Batman Returns

Batman Returns is remembered for a lot of things. Its amazing direction; the great interpretation of Michael Keaton; its dark atmosphere. But the thing that we recalled the most, is the fascinating couple of villains who battled against the Dark Knight. The Penguin and Catwoman.

Catwoman is sexy and graceful, the penguin is hideous and disgusting. They are the perfect couple.

Batman Returns came in a time when superheroes were being kept in the dark. This film showed that we were ready to embrace them.

5 - Captain America 2

Marvel movies not only reinvented the Superhero genre, but cinema in general.

We had lost hope. Superhero movies weren’t good anymore. But Disney and Marvel showed us that we were wrong.

Captain America 2 is one of the best examples of this marvelous trend that had brought endless hours of fun, action and suspense.

Captain America 2 is a complex film that draws the best elements from the fantastic Spy genre and mix them with the intensity and magic of super hero movies.

All hail the Captain.

4 - Spider-Man 2

If there is a superhero movie with a heart, that film is Spider-Man 2.

For years, Spider-Man 2 was considered to be the second best superhero movie ever. No other film had filled our hearts with so much energy and passion. Spider-Man 2 put us in the shoes of the amazing superhero, and we shared his terrible ordeal and his herculean victory.

Spider-Man 2 created a template. It taught us how to film a great superhero movie.

3 - Superman

Christopher Reeve was born to be The Man of Steel.

Superman was a movie ahead of its time. Its special effects blew the minds of those who had the fortune to watch it and its fantastic score still quivers our souls.

This movie has no age. Just as its hero, it breaks the barrier of time. It will be hard for another film to be as epic and charming as this one.

2 -The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is in here, in this coveted position, thanks to an amazing element that separates it from the rest: The perfect villain.

Innumerable things have been said about the marvelous performance of the late Heath Ledger. He is, no doubt, the greatest antihero ever in superheroes movies. And possibly, in all cinema history.

The Dark Knight deserves all the praising, and even more. It is the movie that showed the world that superhero films can be masterpieces.

1 - The Avengers

The most epic superhero movie of all time.

The Avengers gave us a lot of things. It had heart. It was funny. It was action-packed. It had great effects.

But most importantly, it gave us something that we didn’t even dare to dream of.

Watching Iron Man sharing the screen with Thor and Captain America, after enjoying their respective movies, was a dream come true. The director, Joss Whedon, did an amazing job with the script. He understood the things that the fans were expecting and he gave that in spades, with mastery.

The shock of watching this incredible amalgam of superheroes is something that will never be repeated again.

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