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In light of the newest episode, (Season 5, Episode 6) of The Game Of Thrones, there has been some controversy over the last scene. There will be some spoilers in the article, so if you have not seen it and don't want to know what happens, stop reading now. I'm only going to touch on the episode slightly, the issue at hand will be discussed more than the actual episode.

The controversy I'm touching on is marital rape. In the final scene the last episode, Lord Ramsey marries our innocent Sansa. He then confirms that Sansa is a virgin, and teases her about her marriage to Tyrion, in which she replies that Tyrion was kind and gentle, and never touched her. The newly named Bolton, then tears off her clothing, and proceeds to consummate the marriage, (disturbingly in front of Reek). This seems to be a most disturbing scene to fans, and here's why:

A majority of people still believe marital rape doesn't exist.

I'm not going to try and become preachy on this article. I would like to point a few things out. Marital rape is a real thing. If your spouse says no, it means no. This is upheld in court if there is sufficient evidence. However, Game of Thrones is an alternate universe. It is also set in a time where women didn't have rights like men did, and therefore marital rape, along with many other forms of rape are barely even recognized. Let alone admonished and punished. (Recall the scene where Jamie forcibly takes Cersei after Joffrey's death.)

I am in no way saying this is right, but people need to understand this was how things were. It even happens in society today, in other cultures. Women are treated as objects and property, rather than human beings. Again, not right, but in a fictional show it's a little ridiculous getting so upset over it.

According to the Game of Thrones laws wiki, a marriage is only a marriage if it is consummated:

"A marriage is only legally considered to be binding if it has been consummated, that is, if the bride and groom have had sex at least once. If a marriage has not been consummated, it may be annulled."

So, put down your pitchforks and realize this is only a show. And though our laws and customs may have changed, this is a time period where women had almost no say in anything, and this was a very common practice. And again, the whole alternate universe thing as well.


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