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We're getting a reboot of Green Lantern, a very popular DC hero. After the unspeakable terrors of the 2011 version, I am very curious to see how DC will do this movie. In the comics, Hal Jordan is part of the Green Lantern Corps, a peace keeping organization that spans the galaxy. Hal has his own sector, which is Earth of course. However, there have been several Green Lantern's of Earth, two of the main ones being John Stewart and Hal himself. So, which of the two should be used in the live screen adaption?

Hal Jordan

Choice A
Choice A

Hal Jordan is a great Green Lantern for some reasons

  • He is the most well known Green Lantern from the comics
  • He has a great sense of humor
  • His relationships with Flash and Batman would be fun to see on the movie screen

While Jordan does have those characteristics, there are some negatives to him

  • The mask will be hard to do without making it look like 2011
  • Using Hal Jordan kills some diversity in the films
  • Getting a good actor for him may take a while

These are just my opinions, you could totally disagree with me, just let me know in the comments.

John Stewart

Choice B
Choice B

John Stewart could also be a great Green Lantern to introduce on screen , here are some positives

  • He is ex-military which makes him a serious and focused character
  • It helps create more diversity in the film universe
  • He is more popular than Hal Jordan in TV and merchandise because he appeared on the fantastic Justice League cartoon and people who grew up with that show would love him.

And some negatives

  • John Stewart has a high chance of appearing on the CW, which would mess up the film version, because I hate the whole Flash recasting thing.
  • Fans might blow up the internet over including another black superhero because Cyborg is already there.

My Pick

For me, John Stewart wins the cinematic Green Lantern because I grew up with the show and he is just awesome for me. I would enjoy more diversity with the Justice League, but I am concerned with the CW and if they introduce a Green Lantern


Who Wins the Cinematic Role?

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