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Joseph Stephen Welch II

The Supergirl pilot leaked online an entire 6 months in advance! That is rather a great marketing ploy or Felicity wanted to see the pilot as well. Now like many I love The Flash and Arrow and was very excited about their new show.

But, that trailer man. I had lost all of my excitement for the show. But then suddenly I get home Friday and see that the pilot had been leaked online. I was not going to watch it as I felt it would be wrong. But someone posted it to Facebook and I had to watch it. I walked away very pleased and excited for what was to come. So that gave me the question

Is this pilot better than Man of Steel?

I mean it is a fair question. I remember walking out of Man of Steel and being very disappointed. It was like "That was it?" Don't get me wrong I still liked it but just not as much as I wanted too. So what made me like the pilot of a show that isn't even out yet and doesn't even have the budget Man of Steel had?

Supergirl felt more like Superman than Man of Steel

Do not get me wrong, Henry Cavill was a great Superman. I am very excited to see where he gets to take the character. But it was the movie around him that just didn't feel like Superman. Superman is a light character. Sure he has dealt with some heavy and dark stuff but at his heart he is a great light guy. He is not the man that destroys everything if need be he is the man who at the end of the day he thinks "Why did I not save more people". A great example of this is in Superman: For All Seasons where he kicks himself because he only saved one man from a tornado. Many times in the pilot you hear Supergirl say "I was sent to help people!". Also the tone and freak of the week type of nature we get from the pilot is pure Superman at his heart.

Supergirl's tone made me like it more.

I like dark tones. But, only for dark characters. Superman has had his dark moments but he was made as a nice example of what you should be. Supergirl gave you the type of person you want to be. Fun, and likable and she saves people? count me in! But with Superman in Man of Steel it was mainly a dark tone and tried to be much more introspective then it had any business too. i COULD have worked. But the writing just fell short.

Resolved: Supergirl Pilot is better than Man of Steel

I know I should not condone pirating but you need to see the Supergirl pilot ASAP. If you are a classic Superman fan such as myself you will get a great kick out of it. Can not wait for the season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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