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As some of you know director Denis Villeneuve is going to be commencing work on the sequel to Ridley Scott's timeless classic, Blade Runner, with Harrison Ford reprising the iconic role of Rick Deckard. According to some reports, Ryan Gosling is also involved. However, information as to who Gosling will be playing, is not divulged. The first film, a personal favorite of mine, is still proving itself to be one of the true cinematic experiences. I hope that it gets released in IMAX by the time the sequel is ready to hit the theaters.

What still draws the audiences towards the original, what makes it a powerful motion picture is due its poetic style, its powerful imagery, and not just performances and dialogues, and characters, but the way it's been shot. There are unique camera angles that Mr. Scott has for us through which he's been interpreting the language of cinema—most importantly, his strong, poetic point of view as an artist—as a filmmaker.

Making the sequel to one of the best, most famous films of all time, takes lots of courage, and most of the onus is on its director. But I'm not so much worried as the project is in competent hands. Denis is a great filmmaker. If you have not yet seen any films of Mr. Villeneuve, I highly recommend all of them. In order to comprehend, see the point of view of the filmmaker in the sequel, you must understand the point of view of him as an artist. So, please, hit the play button on your DVD/Blu-ray player and check out all of Denis' work.

In order to pay homage, stay true to the original material, Denis' work in the sequel is going to remain poetic, however, more dark. And to achieve that success, to deliver a true cinematic experience for the new generation, Denis is working with one of the well-respected cinematographers of all time, the legendary Roger Deakins. They have already collaborated twice in the past, and their work is a work of pure artistry (Prisoners, Sicario).

Denis' new film, Sicario, already a critically acclaimed masterpiece, centers in the hostile lands between the U.S. and Mexico, starring Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin and Jon Bernthal—with a closed focus on the dark world of the war on drugs. The film is made with Roger Deakins behind the camera, meaning, how much it makes sense bringing him back to shoot Blade Runner 2. Plus, Denis and Roger always wanted to make a science-fiction film.

Sitting with Indiewire a few days ago, Denis talked about teaming up with Roger again:

"Yeah, I know. It's something that I knew about [for] a while, obviously, and I was looking forward [to when] it would be announced. For me, it's so exciting. Roger and I have been dreaming to make a sci-fi movie since the first day we met. He is really, really excited about the project. For me, he is my biggest ally, and honestly, I know doing it with him the movie will look astonishing. It is very exciting to do that with him."

Indeed. The film will look astonishing. It is already an event for the aficionados of cinema like myself—the most anticipated, and most important science-fiction films of all time, breaking the current rule, the tradition in a system in which sequels to successful films have become the norm—developed in a matter of a year or two. What makes the sequel to Blade Runner a true sequel is that the original saw the daylight in 1982.

Denis and the team will begin rolling cameras in 2016.


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