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The Flash's first season has ended, (which makes me sad) but there is so much to look forward to in the second season. The writers have already stated that we would get to see the "Multiverse" and it's going to be exciting how that will come into play. I'm here to to talk about what could happen next for the Scarlet Speedster! So, let's get into it!

Eddie Probably Caused Everything

Since Eddie killed himself, it screwed up the whole timeline, which made the black hole open up. Nothing could ever be the same without the Reverse Flash! If they had killed him, everything could have went normal, but Eddie killed himself so he essentially dug everyone's grave, except for..........

The FLASH!!!

The Flash is one with the Speed Force and since he's running so fast and the black hole is unstoppable, he will probably be alive in the end. However........he ended up somewhere else......


The Flash will most likely end up on Earth Two once he escapes through the black hole and back into the Speed Force. He will meet up with Jay Garrick and this will establish the Multiverse. Jay Garrick is the only one so far that we know is part of the Speed Force except for people who posses Tachyon Particles. Now this newly established Multiverse leads to more theories!

The Other Characters

Since everyone pretty much is most likely going to "die" (cuz time travel can revive them), Barry can either go back and save them or meet up with their corresponding Earth Two versions. Since the particle accelerator exploded differently in this universe, Caitlin and Cisco will most likely be meta humans. That means Cisco will be the hero he always wanted to be and Caitlin will be a cold-hearted killer (my puns doh!). Barry might meet up with the other version of himself....or not! In the Speed Force in the season finale, we saw Barry handcuffed, so he probably went to jail. Or another theory could be that instead of Barry being struck by the lightning, Jay Garrick was!

I don't know anymore, but I just can't wait for season 2!

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