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If you are like me, Boy Meets World shaped your childhood. The show ran for seven years and spawned its own spin-off 15 years later. We all took pride in watching Shawn, Cory, and Topanga grow into respectable adults, the sort of adults that we all wish we could be. The show really comes full circle.

It has become almost impossible to separate Ben Savage, Ryder Strong, and Danielle Fishel from their iconic characters. As much as we love these characters, we tend to forget the dozens of actors and supporting characters that were only blessed with one or two episodes.

I bet most of you have forgotten these top 10 guest stars, take a look!

10. Danielle Harris (Theresa Keiner)

Danielle Harris only appeared on one episode as Theresa "T.K." Keiner. She was Harley Keiner's little sister who took an unhealthy interest in Cory after he picked up her books. Since then she has appeared in Disney's Wish Upon a Star, Urban Legend, and Rob Zombie's Halloween. At 37-years-old she is currently one of the biggest scream queens in Hollywood.

9. Brittany Murphy (Trini)

Brittany Murphy appeared in a couple episodes at the start of Season 3 as Topanga's best friend Trini. Shawn and Trini hatch a plan to push Topanga and Cory together. Thankfully it works and the world's most loved '90s couple was born (though, throughout the years the show explains the blooming of their relationship in a few different ways). After her appearance, Brittany Murphy landed her famed role in Clueless and then her career really took off. Unfortunately, the talented actress passed away in 2009 from complications with Pneumonia.

8. Adam Scott (Griff Hawkins)

Another actor making several appearances in Season 3 was Adam Scott. He played Cory's big bully Griff while Harley Keiner was away in reform school. Adam went on to play in seven episodes of Party of Five and, more recently, starring in Parks and Recreations.

7. Shane West (Nick)

Shane West guest starred in Season 3, Episode 14. Topanga had just started dating around after her first break-up with Cory, and she chose Nick to take her out. When Cory sees her kissing Nick he goes a little crazy. Since then, Shane has appeared in a number of movies including A Walk to Remember and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Most recently he can be seen in the WGN TV show Salem.

6. Richard Karn (Victor)

Richard Karn was already pretty well-known from Home Improvement when he guest starred as an animal control agent. Topanga called animal control after learning that Shawn planned to keep a pig he had found in his old trailer park. Since the humorous appearance Karn has appeared in a number of movies, shows and even hosted Family Feud for a while.

5. Candace Cameron (Millie)

Candace Cameron appeared in the 6th season Halloween episode. She played Millie, the leader of a witch coven that attempted to sacrifice Jack Hunter to their god in order to achieve eternal youth. Since Candace's guest appearance she has appeared in a number of made-for-TV movies and a TV series called Make It Or Break It. She is currently working on a spin-off to the show to Full House, potentially called "Fuller House."

4. Nia Vardalos (Mrs. Gallagher/Waitress)

Nia played two different characters on Boy Meets World. The first episode she played an unnamed waitress. The second character was Mrs. Gallagher in an adoption agency. She convinces Eric that he is not the best candidate to adopt his little brother. After Boy Meets World Nia wrote and starred in several movies including My Big Fat Greek Wedding and My Life in Ruins. My Big Fat Greek Wedding spawned its own TV show and a sequel is due out next year.

3. Jennifer Love Hewitt ( Jennifer Love Fefferman)

Jennifer Love Hewitt Appeared in an episode called "And Then There Was Shawn." Jennifer was dating Will Friedle at the time and her character was suppose to parody horror film characters like her own in I Know What You Did Last Summer. The episode was a dream sequence where Shawn imagined himself murdering all of his friends. After this guest spot, Jennifer's career grew very quickly. She appeared in several movies and even had her own TV show, The Ghost Whisperer.

2. Willie Garson (Leonard/Mervyn/The Minister)

Willie appeared in several episodes of Boy Meets World as three different characters. The first was Leonard Spinelli, Alan's assistant manager in his grocery store. The second was Mervyn, a random applicant when Alan needed a new employee, and the final was the minister who officiated Cory and Topanga's wedding. Mr. Garson's most recent credits are White Collar's Mozzy and Whole Day Down's Willie.


Willie Carson also made a guest appearance on Girl Meets World as Topanga's boss who wished to take over the little neighborhood bakery.

1. Linda Cardellini (Lauren)

It is hard to forget this character. Linda played Laura for three episodes. The first two was a two-part episode where Cory met Laura on a class skiing trip. He spent the night talking to her, going on to kiss her. The kiss causes Cory to doubt his relationship with Topanga so he decides to go on a date with Laura convincing him that he could not possibly love anyone as he loved Topanga, however, Topanga then breaks up with him. The last episode she appears in is an episode called "The Psychotic Episode", in which Cory dreams that he kills Shawn in a series disturbing dream sequence. In the end, he decides to wait the dream out. He kills all of his friends until Lauren shows up to tell him to let her go and embrace the future. Since her important role in Boy Meets World, Linda has appeared in a number of high profile movies including, Scooby Doo 1 & 2, and Legally Blonde. Most recently she appeared in the smash superhero hit Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Who was your favorite Boy Meets World guest star?


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