ByCade Earick (lightningstrikefilms564), writer at

With the new release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, many people have been giving surprisingly, poor reviews compared to the other MCU movies. Has Marvel taken a turn for the worse? So far, DC has been CRUSHING Marvel in their TV game but people, have been asking to themselves if DC will crush Marvel's MCU with their upcoming cinematic universe. Some evidence that could lead to this being a possibility is the reception with Age of Ultron which so far, is one of the lowest rated Marvel MCU movies (above Thor 2 and Iron Man 2) of all time. Also, the upcoming Ant-Man and Fantastic 4 don't look very "different". Ant-Man has a storyline that a lot of comic book movies have: bad guy gets taken in, and turns into a good person. It's an average storyline! And with Fantastic 4, the huge plot changes for the new "mainstream" aren't very good (mainly Doom becoming an anti-social blogger). DC on the other hand, has some big projects coming up that might turn things around. Like the new Jared Leto joker and Ben Afleck Batman, DC is bringing out the big guns! And with DC redoing Green Lantern, DC acknowledges they made a mistake and will make up for it! And with Justice League and Suicide Squad, DC is bringing out their 2 big groups to go against the Avengers. DC has also like I acknowledged earlier, bringing in better casts and better crews. Take Ben Affleck for example. He is a multi oscar nominated, and winner actor/moviemaker. He can bring something HUGE to DC. With all the evidence we have so far, Marvel just might be triumphed by DC and, be known as a "mediocre film company".


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