ByJan Werner, writer at

I have seen this highly ambitioned project in the IMAX-version and for me it was just a huge waste of time and money. When you first read about this movie and don't have any more information then you would probably have as high expectations as I had before I moved in. The cast sounds amazing: George Clooney (of course) and Hugh Laurie (I'm the BIGGEST HOUSE.M.D.-Fan in the whole world!!!) meant for me always a high level of acting and Newcomer Britt Robertson is an upcoming actress, as well. But especially my loved Hugh Laurie acted without a single mentionable moment as the main "villain" of this film. While none of the actors was really fabulous Raffey Cassidy had some good moments and saved this movie when she was on screen.

The special effects were very well, of course, but without any encouraging plot or unexpected twists Tomorrowland was more than boring and besides minimum 20 minutes too long.

With this project Brad Bird disappointed me very hard! Since "The Incredibles" I'm really looking forward to any of his next big thing. And so far I was never angry about paying for the ticket when I leaved the cinema after one of his movies. I hope that this is will be the only exception and the sequel of "The Incredibles" will be as fantastic as the first one was.


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