Bybrian dowling, writer at

Shady Records has just announced that the SouthPaw soundtrack is incoming. Finally we'll get some new music from the best artists at Shady. The first single from the album, "Phenomenal" by Eminem is dropping soon. You can check the track snippet out below.

Personally I hope this can be Eminem's American Gangster. An album that recaptures that spark for him. Eminem fell off after The Eminem Show. Each album since have had their gems but as a whole, none of them have been the classics that we got from his first three big studio outings. I wan't to hear that same fire we heard on tracks like Soldier and Lose Yourself. That raw emotion on tracks like Sing For The Moment. Hopefully Southpaw can recapture the lightning in a bottle that was his first three albums. If we luck out we will hear Die Hard, Cocaine, and Champions on the album as well. The Southpaw movie, based on Eminem's life, is out July 24th. The album will more than likely drop around the same time. Keep an eye out!


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