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Hello fans so sorry I hade to go early I really hope all of your guys keep reading this. It makes me really happy when people do . Ok enough chit chat lol.

(Getting out of the movie theaters)

Ya Fred you are right that was so awesome!!, said Wasabi

(Everyone one goes home for the night)

(Next morning)

(In Honey Lemons room)

What should I do today?! Should I hang with the gang, go to the lab to test out some new things, or be with GoGo.

Ohhh! I got it I am going to hang out with GoGo! Ya! (Inside her mind)

(Honey gets ready for the day and heads over to GoGo's place)( jocks on the door and GoGo awencers the door)

Hey! GoGo what's up?! Before GoGo awencers Honey says I go the hole day planned out what to do today.

Oh?! GoGo looking surprised and a bit sad.

"What's wrong" asked Honey Lemon sadly.

It is just I had a plan also, said GoGo

"Oh!?" I am sorry I did know know it was just I had nothing to do all day that's all. Explained Honey

Well maybe we could do both in one day, Honey saying excitingly

Ok, said GoGo

(GoGo goes up stairs to get ready)

(2min later)

GoGo is in her tank top on over that is a leather jacket, leggings over the leggings are shorts, on her hands are gloves that some bikers would wear, and most importantly is bubble gum.

( The first place they go is to Starbucks to get some food)

So.... What do you want to do GoGo?,asked Honey Lemon

Well I was going to go to Hiro's house and hang out there because I got nothing better to do, and her likes it when people go and see him.

Thats really nice of you GoGo, Honey saying loveingly .

(GoGo blushes)

(Honey relies something)

Do you like Hiro asked?!, Honey lemon.


(GoGo hesitates)

No I don't like him at all, explained GoGo

(In Hiro's room)

Oh! Hi, said Hiro looking surprised to the 2 girls standing there.

Sup, said GoGo to Hiro

Hi, said Honey. How are you feeling?

I am ok. I was thinking about going to the lab to work on some things with Baymax, said Hiro

Thats awesome I was going to do the same thing, but GoGo wanted to come here first, said Honey.

We'll then maybe we should all go together, said Hiro

(At the lab) Wasabi and Fred are there)

Everyone is working on their superhero suits.

"Hey how is Baymax doing?, asked Fred

"He is fine, but do you remember how Baymax has the chip that Tadashi gave him when he was originally made?, asking Hiro to the group.

Well I was looking at it, and Baymax remembers Tadashi, and the fights.

(Red Alert! Red Alert!)

Thats all you guys get for now. Oh ya so sorry that the sires are spread out. I try to do this when ever I got the time. Hope all of you guys keep reading this. Also I don't know how many sires I am going to be making.

That's all you guys get so far lol. Oh ya so sorry that I make the sires very spread apart. I try to do as much as I can when I got the time. Hope you keep reading. Also I don't know how many sires I am gong


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