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Due to the numerous comments on the first Marvel vs. DC article and at some people's request, I have decided to make a Round 2!

I have done my best to select fights that seem to be the most fair and most intriguing. Having gone through both databases a second time, picking some that were requested and some that were eye catching. First time around, I used only heroes that were mirrored images of each other. For Round 2, I have decided to widen the window so that not only will these fights be hard to determine but will also be even more exciting than before.

I started this new match card with 12 different fights. After careful examination of all the heroes and villians involved I have brought it down to 8. Here is hoping that I did an even better job than I did before!


Match #1: Killer Croc vs. Juggernaut

The Irresistible Force VS The Immovable Object!

Let's bring in the heavy hitters! Starting this new showdown off is the megasized sewer monster, Killer Croc and the walking indestructible tank, Juggernaut.

Killer Croc AKA Waylon Jones was born with a rare condition called Atavism which causes his body to form itself to that similar to a reptile. This condition caused him to grow to abnormal sizes and make his skin impenetrable to almost anything physical. Although his size is increased, his condition also gives him uber level stamina, agility, and strength enough to lift 20 tons. His only weakness being his lack of tactical intellect, making him rely solely on his brute strength alone.

Now in the opposing corner, we have Cain Marko who was endowed with the power of the mystical entity known as Cyttorak, which in turn transformed him into The Unstoppable Juggernaut. His new found powers gave him superhuman strength which has allowed him to destroy mountains with ease and even lift entire buildings. He is also capable of putting up a mystical force field which grants him invulnerability to almost all physical attack. On top of all that, he possess infinite stamina so growing tired or exhausted is impossible for him. But, it is possible to use his overwhelming force against him if his opponent possess enough physical strength.

I can see the outcome of their brawl becoming very blurry at this point...


Who wins?

Match #2: Wonder Woman vs. Ms. Marvel

These two can be argued as being THE female representatives of their comic universes. Representing DC, Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman! And hailing from Marvel, Carol Danvers AKA Ms. Marvel! While these two woman have different backgrounds, they both share similar abilities and principles.

Wonder Woman is the Amazonian Princess of Themyscira blessed with various powers from the greek gods which include beauty, strength, speed and flight, wisdom, resistance to fire along with many physical attacks and unity with animals. When she became of age, she left her home to travel to America where she took up the mantel as Wonder Woman to fight injustice in the human world. Before she left Themyscira, she took a few artifacts of the Amazons to help her in her quest. Those items included her golden amazonian armour, the Aegis of Athena (bracers) which are indestructible to any kind of force, the Lariat of Hestia (lasso) which is strong enough to hold any being as well as make them confess the truth, as well as an enchanted sword made by Hephaestus and her tiara that works as a razor sharp boomerang. Her power and morals would eventually lead her to being one of the founding members of the Justice League.

Meanwhile, in Marvel's universe there lived a woman by the name of Carol Danvers who was the security chief of a US Air Force base. While there, she met a doctor who called himself Walter Lawson who turned out was really a hero of the Kree (an alien race) named Captain Marvel. One day at the base, Carol Danvers was caught in an explosion of a Kree device after she was kidnapped by an evil Kree commander who found Captain Marvel. She is saved by Captain Marvel and nursed back to health, where she wakes up with new found powers that were gained from the explosion. Then with the new-found attributes of super strength, flying faster than the speed of sound, and the ability to harness energy into attacks she becomes the superhero Ms. Marvel and eventually worked with all known teams in Marvel including S.H.I.E.L.D., The Avengers, the X-Men and even the Guardians of the Galaxy.

I do believe it is time for a good old fashioned cat fight!


Who wins?

Match #3: Kraven The Hunter vs. Lobo

Big Game Hunter vs Space Bounty Hunter!

Kraven flags himself as the greatest hunter who ever lived. He grew up in a jungle, taught by a mercenary and raised on ingesting potions that are made from herbs that granted him increased physical feats, heightened senses, and increased durability. His weapon of choice is primarily focused on his bare hands, using tranquilizers and poison darts on occasion when he feels it's needed. His number one primary focus is proving himself to be the best hunter who ever lived, giving him a very cocky and self centered attitude.

Much like Kraven, Lobo is also very self centered with his only motivation being money. His strength and speed are beyond that of many superhumans coupled with his appetite for pure destruction no matter who is killed and you've got a ruthless madman that will go after anyone without hesitation. He incorporates an arsenal of weaponry as well as his patented hook on a chain which he uses with deadly mastery and precision.

This fight mainly is determined by the terrain. In a straight up fight, Lobo has a better chance of winning. In a jungle on Kraven's turf on the other hand, Kraven would have the better advantage.


Who wins?

Match #4: Nightwing vs. Daredevil

If this were to actually happen, you better clear your schedule and start making everyone popcorn because this fight would take a very long time.

The original Robin, Dick Grayson was born into a family of acrobatics. Orphaned as a child, he came under Bruce Wayne's custody and became the Batman's sidekick and fought alongside him for many years before going his own way and taking up the mantle of Nightwing. As he was trained by Batman, his skills in martial arts are exceptional matched only by Batman himself. As he grew older, training under the Dark Knight he developed a sort of sixth sense where he can accurately predict what his opponent's next attack will be. Add to this his peaked level of agility and his choice of weapon which is a twin set of Eskrima batons that are made of an unbreakable polymer and you have someone that could potentially put Daredevil out of commission for good.

Trained by the blind sensei, Stick, Matt Murdock is not someone anyone should take lightly. Due to an accident as a child, he was left permanently blind. But the loss of his sight caused his other sense to become super heightened beyond that of a normal man. His hearing combined with his sensitive touch creates a sort of radar that allows him to see to an extent as well as an unmatched sense of physical balance. Stick also trained him in a very unique blend of various martial arts which include Judo, Ninjistu, Wrestling and many other forms of hand to hand. Stick also trained him in the technique of stickfighting which also helps even the odds against Nightwing as far as weapons are concerned.

Whereas Nightwing has full use of his sight and is trained at physical peak, Daredevil is uniquely trained and possess heightened senses that more than make up for his handicap. Each have their strengths and each have their weaknesses. Whoever wins is without a doubt an outcome that isn't fully clear cut.


Who wins?

Match #5: Martian Manhunter vs. Silver Surfer

DC's favorite martian is going against Marvel's most unexpected hit! You won't want to miss this!

Here is J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter from the planet Mars. In an accidental experiment by the scientist, Dr. Saul Erdel, J'onn was beamed to Earth through a teleportation device built by Erdel. Erdel promised to return him home, but died shortly after, leaving J'onn stranded on Earth. He decides to fight crime to pass the time for his people to build better technology to return him home. The interesting thing about J'onn is his abilities, which seem almost limitless. You name a power, then odds are he has it or a form of it. Flight, strength, speed, telekinesis, shape-shifting, mind control, he pretty much has it all with his only weakness being fire. Superman himself even proclaimed that J'onn is the strongest being on the planet Earth and even the universe. His foe has a lot to deal with to overcome this battle...

Which brings me to Norrin Radd, who became the Silver Surfer to spare his planet from the world eater known as Galactus. Galactus endowed him with a portion of the Power Cosmic, giving him super strength, endurance, senses, the ability to absorb and manipulate most known energy forces in the galaxy as well as a vast range of other abilities. His new form also gives him the attribute to survive without food, air, water, or sleep.

This could truly be a very close battle...I have no guesses of how this fight would turn out.


Who wins?

Match #6: Raven vs. Jean Grey

Fan made Death Battle poster
Fan made Death Battle poster

It is a PSYCHotic battle for the ages! The daughter of the demon Trigon and the all powerful Phoenix do battle!

Raven is the mystical dark daughter of a tridimensional demon and an Azarathian human from Earth. Her demonic heritage gives her a wide range of powers that include telekinesis, telepathy, healing abilities, and most devastatingly: the ability to manipulate darkness. Her control over darkness allows her to create fearful illusions or even use the darkness as a physical form to cause destructive and immense pain. Even though she is the daughter of a demon and possess very dark powers, her number one priority is the protection of Earth and all things innocent which eventually leads to her involvement in the forming of the New Teen Titans. But that doesn't absolve her from her demonic side getting the better of her on more than one occasion. Much like Raven, her opponent also harbors a very dark and incredible power.

Very few have ever withstood the full power of Jean Grey when the Phoenix Force is awakened inside of her. As a mutant, she was born with the abilities of telekinesis and telepathy. But when she became an avatar for the Phoenix Force, her powers were increased almost infinitely. This great power allows her to disintegrate or rearrange material on a subatomic level, which makes her able to reduce a human being to mere dust in the wind. Added to this, the Phoenix allows her to control all forms of energy whither cosmic or elemental and can survive in the most extreme environments without taking damage or feeling pain.

To me, the really big deciding factor in this battle is who has the stronger dark side. Will Raven destroy Jean with her father's demonic will and power? Or will Jean annihilate Raven with the unrelenting and unforgiving power of the Phoenix Force?


Who wins?

Match #7: Ares vs. Thor

The Greek God of War is going against the Norse God of Thunder in this colossal bout that would shake the foundation of both Asgard and Olympus! Both are the sons of kings. Both are the strongest of their kind. Who will emerge the strongest of all the gods of Marvel and DC?

Ares is the son of Zeus, the king of Olympus. Because he is a god of Olympus, he possess super strength, speed, stamina, endurance and is completely unharmed by mortal weapons. Being the God of War also makes him all the more stronger. His armor is almost indestructible even to many magical weapons, and he has telekinetic control over any non-magical weapon that has ever existed. His physical body feeds on the violence and bloodshed of battle, giving him almost instant healing factors when in the heat of war.

Much like his DC counterpart, Thor also possess super strength, speed, etc. and is the son of Odin Allfather, who is the king of Asgard. The Norse God of Thunder has total control over all natural weather and increased power thanks to his hammer, Mjolnir, and twice the strength and endurance from the enchanted Belt of Strength that he wears at all times. He also, like Ares, has a healing factor that he gets from various magical forces both internal of his being and external of certain objects of power. Along with his abilities, Thor is also trained in many forms of combat both hand-to-hand and with various weapons.

These two are more evenly matched than what I could state above. They each have special armor as well as other abilities that I didn't specify above. Some of which are teleportation as well as flying. Do either of these combatants have an edge? A weakness? I myself honestly do not see neither a weakness nor an edge that the other doesn't have between the two of them.


Who wins?

(Final) Match #8: Darkseid vs. Thanos

Picture this...the Infinity Gauntlet complete with all the Infinity Stones is sitting between these two ultra godlike beings. Who gets it first? And even then, who would win the battle from there? Even if either of them were to take possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, they both individually have powers and abilities that can give them enough of a leg up to possibly take the gauntlet away from the other. That is if they even get to use the gauntlet.

Darkseid is possibly THE most powerful individual in the DC universe. Having been able to take on Superman and Doomsday without much trouble. Darkseid is the strongest of the "New Gods" to have ever lived and the ruler of his home planet of Apokolips which he rules with an iron fist. His godly heritage gives him colossal levels of strength, invulnerability, and speed that is fast enough to catch Superman off guard. His greatest ability is the Omega Beam that he shoots from his eyes, which has the ability to annihilate anything he sees fit. Only 3 beings have ever withstood this attack, which was Superman, Doomsday, and his son Orion but not without causing massive pain that tipped the balance in his favor. His opponent, Thanos, is very much like him in every way.

Obsessed with pleasing the physical embodiment of death itself, Mistress Death, Thanos spends every waking moment seeking universal annihilation at any cost. He is a mutant member of a race of superhumans known as Titanian Eternals. While the Eternals already have increased strength, speed and intellect, because of his mutated genes his power is far surpassing that of even the most strongest and smartest of his kind. He is trained in all of Titan's known forms of combat and knows all forms of advanced science to the point that he has built technology that surpasses that of Earth's capabilities. His special abilities include telekinesis, telepathy, and matter manipulation. Given he is the one who made the Infinity Gauntlet, his power is increased hundredfold when in possession of it.

How this match could go is anyone's guess. Would the Infinity Gauntlet be involved? Maybe, maybe not. Would their battle still be intense without it? You bet. This is one battle that I would definitely would not want to happen in real life. Given their size and abilities, almost every planet and being would more than likely be destroyed in their path.


Who wins?

Did I miss any worthy fights? Comment your fantasy match below!


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