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Brandon Swofford

'Man Of Steel' was not inspiring. It is a Superman movie, and it should be uplifting and leave you leaving the theater feeling hopeful, not depressed.

Although Zack Snyder made a visually beautiful film, it lacked what Superman is supposed to stand for and they got way to confused with Batman. With Batman, you can use the brooding look because he is a hero who scares people from doing bad things. Superman inspires people to do good things.

I think Zack Snyder should have looked at Disney's animated classic, 'The Lion King' for inspiration. Superman has a similar story to Simba in which he is separated from his homeland and must fit in with another. He then rises to power when he hears from the ghost of his father and saves people.

Check out the mash-up trailer combining the audio from the Man Of Steel trailer with footage from The Lion King:

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