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Stephen Marshal Bove

It was a decent film, not the worst 'Avengers Assemble' film but not the best. There were some scenes that had really bad CGI, and when I complain about it you know it's bad. It looked like a video game. I wasn't thrilled over all with the coupling, but that's what happened when more than one writer writes for a series of films. They all want to make the story their own, so they don't follow the story lines. For instance, if Bruce was free then why didn't he return to Betty? Throughout Avengers and Winter Soldier Natasha set off signals of her being with Hawkeye. But now he's married, which I know he is in some stories of the comics but come on now. Those kids were much older than a time set between Avengers 1 and 2.

The villain wasn't bad, but lets hope Quicksilver stays dead. These Marvel deaths are kind of pointless. The last parts of the film felt like a set up for Avengers 3/4 that won't even be out for a few years.

Overall I give the film a solid B, I'll buy this film unlike Regular Man 2, aka Iron Man 3.


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