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I'm young and i haven't read comics but superhero movies are part of my life
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Thanos: This passage unquestionably falls under the, “Well, duh!” class, however I’d be neglectful in the event that I did exclude Thanos. So far all we’ve seen of the force hungry war hawk is in The Avengers mid-credits scene and a couple of scenes of him railing at out Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy. All together those minute likely don’t even mean five minutes. Luckily, all the Marvel motion pictures are prompting the epic fight with Thanos in the Avengers: Infinity War. Plot-wise we don’t know something besides it includes the Mad Titan acquiring the six Infinity Stones to wield close boundless force. It’s no distortion to say this contention will be not at all like anything we’ve seen in superhero films anytime recently, and the consequence will change the MCU for eternity.

Vision: Vision is an abnormality among the MCU players. Regardless of being played by Paul Bettany, Marvel declines to affirm whether Vision is an updated variant of Bettany’s other character, J.A.R.V.I.S., or a fresh out of the box new creation. All we know is that Ultron is in charge of his presence and he’ll inevitably turn into a decent gentleman, much the same as in the funnies. Whether Vision is a physical, bright J.A.R.V.I.S. then again not, Avengers: Age of Ultron will set him up as another individual from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, which means its possible he’ll appear in the Avengers: Infinity War motion pictures. In any case, a report from a week ago likewise expressed that Vision will show up in Captain America: Civil War working with Tony Stark.

The Ant-Man: Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang may be the one wearing the outfit and battling culprits in Ant-Man, however Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne will be particularly critical to the film’s heist. Lilly already portrayed Hope as a savvy lady who is a “power to be figured with,” and as we saw in the latest trailer, she likewise shows Scott how to battle. While we don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s in store for Hope taking after Ant-Man, don’t be astonished in the event that she shrivels all alone to turn into the MCU’s Wasp, the same number of are estimating. Yes, that character is saved for Janet Van Dyne in the funnies, however since Janet is serving as Hope’s mom in the film and is apparently nowhere to be found, Hope is the intelligent decision to wear the wings.


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