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I loved to watch Indian TV Series, Movies
Ashlyn Brown

There were few television channels offering Indian movies and aired them on weekends. It was great for Indian television lovers not only to watch Bollywood films because they missed their country, India. Indian television was non-existent except for some Hindi and Urdu program such as Nayi Zindagi aired on BBC Television with erstwhile presenters like Ashok Rampal. The programs were on issues affecting Indians and other Asians and their lives in their country of adoption.

Zee TV Package offers a mix of English and Hindi language programs originating from the UK and India. These include engrossing dramas and soaps, exciting reality and lifestyle shows, news and current affairs, children's entertainment, and blockbuster Bollywood movies. The only entertainment was a couple of hours of Indian music. This is great for non-resident Indian can watch these while leisurely munching their puris and parathas for breakfast. They can still enjoy their culinary programs too.

Indian TV in UK plays a crucial role in creating awareness. There are particular issues that remain untouched among youngsters as they feel guarded concerning it. Television helps in providing information regarding such topics. There are many such issues that are highlighted by the television. One other such issue is the debate carried on Indian TV in UK regarding sex education. Television highlights both the aspects of the matter that whether sex education must be allowed in schools or not. Though we are heading towards westernization, our heritage remains Indian.

But if we think practically then there are so many instances where children head the wrong way just in the anxiety of knowing particular issues. So, the only acceptable approach in which we can guard our child against choosing the wrong path is by educating them about the issues through television.

Indian TV in UK reaches out to the masses and influence their thinking and decision making. Positive television cannot attract attention of the masses, and to gain viewership, negative television should be balanced to attract the masses, but a line has to be drawn between positive and negative television in the interest of the younger generation. is important because it acts as a bridge between the NRIs and their country of origin. They get the benefit of enjoying their native country while in a foreign country. It keeps them updated and they feel at home. Many people other than Indians also appreciate Indian television channels in UK. Some Indian TV can also be streamed online in the UK.


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