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Hello readers! If you've read my latest post about The Flash, you know that I said I loved both the TV shows Arrow and The Flash. I also said that I would post a similar version but with the Arrow, so here it is! On the left side, I have all of the Arrow's allies. I got most of these pictures from the original season 3 wallpaper that has them all walking forward. For Laurel, I got the first pictures of her looking awesome in the Black Canary outfit. I also sorted them by when they joined "Team Arrow". For the right side, with all the villains, I had to look everywhere for a good picture of Ra'ahs Ahl Ghul. I sorted them by the season that they were most of a threat. Thanks for reading, new ideas and suggestions are welcome.

A fan-made logo/poster for the Arrow TV show.
A fan-made logo/poster for the Arrow TV show.


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