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Who knew a movie about an unlikely group of acapella performers would become a smash hit. Thanks in part to Pitch Perfect and the popular show 'The Sing Off' the genre of a capella has seen a surge in recognition. Groups such as Pentatonix are showing people the capabilities that using just your voice can do. It is no wonder that people are flocking to movie theaters across the country to see what else is in store for the famed Bellas from the first Pitch Perfect.

Pitch Perfect 2 opens up in a very hilarious fashion. As the all too familiar Universal logo appears on stage there is a comical rendition of the famous theme done entirely a capella style. Once the actually film begins it is a scene we have all seen if you have watched the trailer. It shows how the Bellas got their fame taken away. Rebel Wilson captures the essence of her character Fat Amy in the best way possible. As a woman who does not seem all that phased at her incredible mishap. Her mindset is that, "This is happening and I'm just going to let it run its course." Elizabeth Banks also does a wonderful job in her role as Gail Abernathy-McKadden-Feinberger (yes her name is that long and hilariously mentioned in the film) as does John Michael Higgins. The two play a capella commentators. The colorful commentary they bring to the film adds a nice comedic element to the singing parts.

When I first saw Pitch Perfect it was because a few girls in my Italian class recommended it to me. I decided to give it a shot and instantly loved it. Right away I connected with Anna Kendrick's character. Her dream of becoming a DJ/ Producer is also a goal of mine. In this second installment it was nice to see her getting her big break at a record studio. Keegan Michael - Key is funny as the Becca's boss. He plays this guy like any one would, but he adds something to it. Everyone seems afraid to give their own input. Once Becca finally does (during a very funny recording session of Christmas tunes featuring Snoop Dogg) it pays off. Seeing Snoop Dogg was such a surprise and it was so hilarious my two best friends could not stop laughing. They were probably laughing the hardest in the theater.

Just like the first film there is an a capella riff off. This riff off is longer and features the very talented David Cross as the host. If you loved him in Arrested Development you will absolutely love him in this roll. This is the moment where we really get to see the Bellas rivals 'Das Sound Machine.' As you can tell they are a German group. The leader of the group is none other than Flula Berg, youtuber and comedian. I do have to admit they were a slightly better group with a more full sound. Since they were the rivals and the ones who replaced the Bellas in their tour after the accident at the beginning, you had to root against them. Other riff off participants include the Green Bay Packers. They take their role very seriously and in this way it totally works.

Hailee Steinfeld, who you may remember as the little girl in True Grit, is a nice addition as the Bellas newest member. Her mother (played by Katey Segal) was a former Bella and is really excited to have her daughter be apart of the group. My friend went crazy when she appeared on screen because she is a huge fan of Futurama. Anyways, Hailee's character Emily Junk (yes her last name was junk) writes an original song called 'Flashlight' which she sings for her audition. The Bellas love it and quickly accept her.

All in all this movie was far better than the first. To be honest this sequel was more memorable than the first. I would recommend this film to anyone who was a fan of the first. Elizabeth Banks does an awesome job of bringing this sequel to life. Pitch Perfect 2 is an acca - mazing sequel with even better acapella performances.


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