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As I said before my curiosity is my true enemy.

The story in this third entry of the Human Centipede series, with returning stars Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey banding together as a new villainous duo aspiring to connect over 500 human bodies together.

Do any of you remember my review of The Human Centipede 2 where I said I'm not going to watch the other one just because I was that grossed out and angry at the time, and I also didn't know they were making a third movie at the time of that review. I just found out a couple of days about this movie and how it was the final which I had the thought of "Oh god I'm going to watch no matter what I'm I", and I sure did. I know some of you are thinking "Matt why on earth would you watch this movie since you hated the last two movies and what are expecting from this disgusting film series". I know I should know better and I originally had no plans on seeing this one since I still think the second movie is the worst horror movie ever made, but since I already seen and review the first and second movie I thought to myself "Why not finish this horrible franchise of torture porn". These no surprise this movie sucked big time but what really surprise me is how boring the movie is.

I hate the fact that this movie is self aware of the others movies as the character's watch and talk about them and how they look like them even when it's the same actor. The other thing that really grinds my gears while watching this movie is how the character's treat the movie director Tom Six (Yes he's in this movie playing himself) like a god to film making, even when he's not and he's just another Eli Roth clone.

Dieter Laser makes a return in this movie and his acting in this movie is so over the top crewing up the scenery that it got to the point that it annoyed the crap out. His character in the movie is so annoying I mean oh my god although the movie he never stops yelling and he was being a total tool to everyone around him. I mean every scene this guy is on he's always screaming, knocking things over and yelling on the top of his lungs and it really got on my nerves to the point were I turned down the volume just to enjoy the silence.

The whole movie is deep inside and out ugly just ugliness. Everybody in this movie is awful human being and how this movie treats women is unspeakably awful.

Now Human Centipede 3 isn't as horrid or disgusting as the second movie I mean I almost throw up watching that movie. Yeah you get your graphic and gory violence in this one, but this time I didn't feel the need to throw up and take a shower every minute like the second made me do.

Overall The Human Centipede 3 is a dull mindless Peace of sh*t gory feast that only sick in the head people would find enjoyment.


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