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Over the course of Season 1 of The Flash, we've seen Barry's rise from a simple forensic scientist into the legendary scarlet speedster himself. We've seen the truth behind Harrison Wells, or should I say Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash?

Those, of course, were not the only awesome moments that made the show so epic. Here are some Easter Egg recaps from Season 1:

Harrison Wells mentions Extreme Justice

Now, he only mentions two (if I'm correct). Those two were Grant Emerson, aka Damage, and Will Everett, aka the Amazing Man. When we'll see these characters in action is beyond me, but it's very likely we will see them.

The possibility of Metamorpho

The reason I say that is because Rex Mason, aka Metamorpho the Element Man, was a contractor for Simon Stagg (here played by William Sadler). Simon's daughter, Sapphire, fell in love with Rex. Simon completely dissaproved of this union, especially the fact later on he turns into what Simon would consider a monster. Then again, he's dead now, so I guess they don't have to worry about dear ole' dad disapproving the wedding. But like I said, this could be a good introduction to Metamorpho in the future.

The Rise of Firestorm

The greatest introduction to the Nuclear Man....or Men. In this scene, two muggers spot a sort of bipolar looking man and refers to him as "better than an ATM". I guess you could say that it's better. This time, the ATM gets to fight back. And burn them alive. If they pushed him too far. And something tells me he was already on the edge of too far. Anyway, later on, Professor Stein and Ronnie come to the aid of the Flash when finally confronting the Reverse Flash and warns them not to look for them again.

Eventually, they do meet up with Firestorm again and try to prevent him from exploding and creating a nuclear disaster. Ronnie and Professor Stein finally separate and make their way back to Central City to meet up with the Flash and the rest of the STAR Labs gang. Their return, of course, is short-lived when General Wade Eiling tries to capture Firestorm and ends up capturing Ronnie instead. Everyone eventually escapes without a dead Eiling on their conscience. Though, of course, you really couldn't say the same for Dr. Wells. He let Grodd get a hold of him. For a future purpose.

Killer Frost is seen in Alternate Reality

That's right. Caitlin Snow, beloved wife of Ronnie Raymond and friend to the Flash and future Vibe, becomes a villain, as predicted. I don't know if it's me or not, but I really think she looks hot. For a villain with cryokinetic powers. Who knew evil could be so hot. We may even see her in the future.

A gift from the Silver Age

Does this ring any bells? If you answered Jay Garrick, the very first Flash, then you're correct! Jay Garrick is a residence of Keystone City who was a scientist like Barry, only not a forensic scientist. Jay Garrick at the time was getting his double-major in chemistry and physics. A test tube fell on him and the fumes from the test tube knocked him out. Weeks later, Jay realized that his metabolism increased and later gained super speed.

That was his original origin. His newest origin is revealed in the New 52 title Earth 2. In this reality, Jay is a troubled college student who feels his life is going nowhere. That was true, until he met up with someone by the name of Mercury, as in the Roman mythological god Mercury, god of speed. Mercury was apparently on his way out of a war on Apokolips, as in the home world of the most evil villain of the DC Universe, Darkseid. Only Darkseid didn't imprison Mercury. Some other evil entity imprisoned him. Mercury passed on his speed to Jay as a dying wish. That's quite a backstory.

Harrison/Eobard mentions Rip Hunter

You see this giant sphere he's standing next to? It's a time travel device called a Time Sphere. How original. Anyway, as Reverse Flash is about to leave for the 25th Century, he mentions that Rip Hunter is the first to use a Time Sphere.

Rip Hunter, as in the time travelling Rip Hunter, leader of the Time Masters, and, apparently descendant of the other legendary time traveler and superhero, Booster Gold. Rip Hunter is not really his real name, as you can tell. All that is known is that his father is Booster Gold and one unknown mom. Will future DC Comics tell us who his mother really is? Maybe. But this is a good lead-in to DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Not to mention the greatest choice for someone to play him. Arthur Darvill, who you may remember playing Rory Williams on the famous British TV Show, Doctor Who (the Matt Smith doctor, by the way).

Kendra Saunders was in The Flash!

Yet another lead-in to [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021). Kendra Saunders, aka the reincarnated Hawkgirl, played by Ciara Renee. Honestly, I was hoping for Hawkman to come first before Hawkgirl, but this is pretty good.

I certainly hope this gives Hawkgirl a chance to earn herself her own spinoff. I'd love to see that.

And that concludes the best Easter Eggs from The Flash. Don't forget to watch Season 2 of The Flash this fall and Legends of Tomorrow in 2016.


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