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These are some of my favorite channels for movies and each has their own direction and love for film. I will post links at the bottom of this so you need to go check these people out. They love what they do and deserve the love. Subscribe to them if you have not already.


We'll start off with Although not exclusively about movies they have a wide variety of top tens and are fun to watch and play against yourself as you're thinking of you're own top ten. They cover everything from Horror to Romantic Comedies, best Zombie kills to best first date kisses and are sure to entertain you over the 10 minutes they have.


Actually my personal favorite, I love what Jeremy brings to the table. He offers an incite to the movie industry and how films aren't perfect by any means and brings his own sense of humor and observation. Don't take his videos too serious and watch as he breaks down scene after scene and makes you realize what you just watched.

Honest Trailers/Screen Junkies

Honest trailers, a part of the excellent Screen Junkies channel is also another panning of humor brought to your favorite shows and movies. They can break down an entire movie just by utilizing the trailer and make you laugh in the process. Honest Trailers isn't the only thing they have going for them though, as Hal Rudnick hosts panels, movie fights and even has celebrities on from time to time. Definitely worth the look up at least for the Honest Trailers portion.

H.I.S.H.E (How It Should Have Ended)

Another comedic, but effective approach to film. Doesn't really offer a lot of actual movie moments but creates them in a funny animated way. If you don't watch a single H.I.S.H.E all you need to watch is Superhero Cafe. Anyone who has seen it I think can agree. Because I'm Batman!

Here are the links, please check out these immensely talented channels and appreciate the work they put into these.

WatchMojo- Click Here

Cinemasins- Click Here

Screen Junkies- Click Here

H.I.S.H.E- Click Here

So there you go, go check out these channels and enjoy. I know there are a ton of channels like these out there so don't stop at these and always look on. These are just some of my favorites. Have your own? Please share with everyone in the comments and keep these people creating videos.


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