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I got an big passion for movies and TV-Shows, and my favorite type of movies and TV-Shows is Movie Franchises
Alexander John Lucas Olafsen

Nolan has done it again!!! I am a huge fan of Christopher Nolan movies. I loved the Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception.

When I was going to see Interstellar in the theatre, I expected this to be an increible movie, and the movie was increible and brilliant!!!

With amazing actors and actresses and with my favorite film composer Hans Zimmer, who makes an amaxing and incredible original score for this movie. This movie gave me an amazing movie experience, and I did see it in IMAX, I had never seen any movie in IMAX, so that was a Bonus.

The movie had an incredible story about a team explorer travels through a warmhole in an attempt to ensure humanitys survival. A amazing plot, a movie that makes you sit in the theatre after the movie has ended and think, and you walk out and think only on this film.

Amazing performances by an actor (Matthew McConaughey) and actress (Anne Hathaway), characters who leads us in the fantastic story with amazing scenes and emotions and suspense.

The movie has an incredible sound and special effects and music which gives the movie an amazing look.

The movie makes you forget all around you for about 2 hours in high quality with sound that make your set to shake.

Christopher Nolan is an amazing director, and he makes incredible movies. He is great when he makes movie in this genre.

Thumbs Up for this movie. This movie I will see again, a movie that is worth to have in my movie collection in Blu-Ray.

This was amaaaazzing!!!! :D

Are you agree with me? :D


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