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Hi everyone, already done my end of season review for Arrow, tomorrow I'll be doing a breakdown on everything else, including Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Constantine and Vixen. But today is my Flash season 1 review, and what a season it's been. Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Flash.

So awesome
So awesome

So this has been an amazing opening season for The Flash, and has established the hero as the bright, bubbly youth to Oliver Queen's serious and brooding Arrow (although that may be about to change). It's started what seems to be a landslide of expansions for DC on TV, and I'm loving it. Now we have to look back over the last several months and examine the main events in the first season, and see how these may affect this show, as well as the others, come next season. Obviously there are a lot, as this first season has set the whole show up for many more years to come.

Pilot- Obviously the whole pilot started to set the tone for this show, which is one of the most important things we learned this season. We saw Barry get his team of Cisco and Caitlyn, implying there would be Killer Frost and Vibe in the future, and we saw Harrison Wells reveal he was from the future, which suddenly threw time travel into this universe for the first, but certainly not the last, time.

Nimbus captured- In the first two episodes the villain was killed at the end, and for a moment I thought this would become the common ending, but happily I was wrong. Kyle Nimbus was captured and contained at STAR labs, giving us the birth of the superhero prison which introduces a strange moral situation into the show, while also becoming an important factor for future seasons.

Leonard Snart- One of the best things about this season, without a doubt, is Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart. Clearly he is one of the best villains ever, and the casting is just terrific. When we first saw him, it foreshadowed the building of the Rogues, who are definitely one of my favourite supervillain teams. Together, they have become one of the Flash's most major villains, behind only Reverse Flash and Grodd.

Arrow team-up- When Oliver arrived in Central City, we all saw the first team up between these separate heroes, and even CW's version of Batman vs Superman. It was an amazing episode, and it shows us the beginning of what led to Legends of Tomorrow.

Mid season finale- This was an important episode for a number of reasons. The first proper appearance of Reverse Flash was vital to the rest of the season, and probably the show for years to come. This episode also showed us our first look at Firestorm, which is going to be a big deal for many years. Let's face it, he's a member of the Justice League some of the time, and therefore a major DC comics player. To get him on the show, and soon Legends of Tomorrow (sort of) is a big boost for the CW.

Out of time- This episode brought to the forefront the time travelling aspect of Flash, which is huge! This made so many things possible, not least of which is the Flashpoint storyline, which is one of the best in DC history. It was an epic event, and was so Flash-centric that we surely have to see some version of it eventually.

Trickster- One of the best things about this season is the villains. While Arrow season 1 had a decent array of villains, it wasn't anything to write a blog about. This season introduced so many villains who are still alive after it that we just want to see them over and over, saving the writers having to introduce a whole lot more in season 2. Trickster was my second favourite, behind Captain Cold, and Mark Hamill was the most amazing casting I have heard in months. I just want to see a whole season based around him at some point, because it was really great.

ATOM team up- Another superhero team up, which are all incredibly important for universe building right now. ATOM fighting a villain was a great thing to see properly for the first time, and I loved the use of the Bug Eyed Bandit, because she is predominantly an ATOM villain, and there aren't too many of them.

Grodd's Introduction- While Grodd had little cameos throughout the season, I was really pleased to see him get his own episode before the end. It showed us just how dangerous and powerful he is, and the fact that it implied he is constantly getting more so is even cooler. He really could have a whole season based on him at some point, and I can't wait to see more. As I already mentioned the big three in Flash villains for me are Reverse Flash, Grodd and the Rogues, so the fact that we saw the last three episodes with all of them in it was super cool.

Superhero team up- This answered a question that was bugging me all season. Why do this universe of superheroes not help each other out in tough spots? I loved seeing the Flash take out half of the league of assassins on Arrow, and thought it was also a great idea, but seeing three of our main heroes take on Reverse Flash was wonderful, and seeing Oliver get his own moment alone against him made my day.

Finale- Where do I begin? This was a truly epic episode which will live long in the memory. The talk about worm holes got me excited for Legends of Tomorrow, the time machine got me excited to see Rip Hunter (as did the mention of Rip Hunter by Wells), the appearance of Jay Garrick's helmet got me excited for the multiverse, and the future appearance of other speedsters. The shock of Barry heroically choosing not to save his own mother was astounding, particularly because I was certain they were about to do Flashpoint. Eddie's sacrifice was one of the moments of the season, and was another huge shock for me. Then the wormhole opening again at the end, presumably because of the reality not existing if Thawne hadn't taken Wells' body over. What does this mean? Does Barry run through it into a reality where it was never built? This is a possible storyline, but unlikely because we wouldn't have any of the villains around. We are certain to see some things in season 2 though, like Caitlyn becoming Killer Snow, Cisco becoming Vibe, Iris probably grieving and then dating Barry, more time travel, more Tom Cavanagh apparently, more of Barry's dad in prison, more speedsters, and hopefully more superheroes being introduced and getting their own shows!

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